Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Soap Corner -Handmade Bar Soap- by Moporie

Hello lovelies,

The Soap Corner sent me some of their natural handmade soaps. Oohhh! To those whose been reading my blog must have known how drawn I am to the word natural. Since many of the products we used daily filled with unwanted chemicals, we need some that gives the skin a good and positive effect, well, perhaps maybe kinda like a neutralizer to all the chemicals used. Are the soaps are 100% chemical free? Well, no, heehee, but it has far less than the ones on the market.


Here are the 6 items sent. 4 body soap, 1 facial cleanser, and 1 brush/sponge cleanser. Are these all they got? Nope! Please do open the website to read more about Erie's product. Erie is the owner of The Soap Corner. I guess we can all say she do have a passion for soaps.

What do you want as the ingredients? Milk? Yoghurt? Aloe Vera? The one that smells fruity, flowery or non scented whatsoever? You can find everything there. I do impressed by the number of varieties she have and willing to make for the customer. I guess, soaps has become a personalized item now ^__-

And, pssst! All of their products doesn't contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which has been a well known irritant and may cause health problem, like cancer, so? Hooray for The Soap Corner!


Here's the 5 variants given to me:
Blackberry and Raspberry Soap
Avocado Cocoa Facial Bar
Strawberry Milk & Honey Soap
Butterfly Flower Soap
Lavender Milk Soap
Brush Best Friend Soap.

So far, I've tried Lavender Milk Soap and Butterfly Milk Soap.


What do I think about the soaps I've used? First the Butterfly Flower Soap. The mildly scented soap is colorful and attracts the kids to use it ^__^ My personal opinion? The lathering effect is nice, it cleans the skin well, gives the skin a clean feeling without the drying effect but as for the scent, I need something that smells stronger than this. So perhaps, this item is suitable for those who are not a fan of a strong fragrance in their cleanser.

Next, is the Lavender Milk Soap. I thought it would be something that smells so lavender-rieee (don't care if it's not a word), but it's not, again the scent is mild and almost barely there. I guess I'm accustomed to the very fragrant products :P but that's the way I like it. Still, I have no complaints against the lathering ability and other properties from the soap that gives the skin a clean feeling without the guilt. This kind of natural product can be used by kids and my husband's sensitive skin as well.


That's it? Nope! I still have 4 items to be reviewed, so please do stay tune.

Still curious about The Soap Corner?

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