Monday, May 5, 2014

Introducing Sugarpot Two New Variants (Matcha and Strawberry)

Hello ladies and gents ^__^ 

I'm back with Sugarpot heehee. They have new variants available on the market, matcha and strawberry. The two will surely be a hit like the chocolate and irresistible honey. 

The moment I opened the matcha, oh where should I begun?! The smell is so lovely and sweet, exactly like the green tea candy I bought from Japan. The texture itself is nice and like the honey variant. I'll show you all different texture from the 4 variants available, honey, chocolate, matcha and strawberry. 

The lovely strawberry that reminds me a lot of a strawberry jam, the smell of a fresh cooked strawberry with sugar, hmm, delightful. Sugarpot also made an announcement that all of their products are eatable....what?! Yes, they are actually may be finger licking good (not that I've tried them). Since they are made from all natural ingredients, they can be eaten, hmm, no wonder some ants are found around the products (so wrap them well or at least close the lid tightly). 

Isn't it pretty?! The red gel looks so appetizing, all products that touches the skin should be this good. Here are why I love Sugarpot:

All natural eatable ingredients. 
Can be used to wax the hair off the skin in a warmer condition (heated) or just as it is. 
It removes the hair with the clothe provided instantly and for me it is the best procedure ever. 
Here's why:
Compared to shaving, Sugarpot will not have a chance accidentaly shaving the skin and causing some cuts. 
Compared to epilator, Sugarpot is remotely as painful as epilating, if pain cause by epilating scored 7/10, I give Sugarpot 1/10. 
Compared to waxing in a parlour, a "cheap" one cause pain, chance of getting infection and unwanted attention (ehm from the screaming and problems afterward).
Compared to waxing in a reputable and branded parlour may not cause pain as much as the "cheap" ones nor getting infection, but they do cause pain financially. 
Compared to waxing in a parlour also means we have to make an appointment, go to their place and have a stranger do it for you. Sugarpot means the freedom to do it anytime, anywhere and with those we want to ^__~ a friend of mine even get used to wax by herself, even her bikini line (and Brazilian too). 

So there it goes, Sugarpot equals painless, cheaper, friendlier to the skin, freedom to wax anytime and anywhere, and now with added gimmicks, 4 irresistible flavors to choose from. Isn't it great?! 

Now, let me share with you the specialities of each flavors. These are the chocolate. It smells more like chocolate caramel, again, I have to restrain myself from licking it. The product is really thick compared to the other variant but works great as well. It can lift up hairs that are still a tiny sprouts to long ones. Please do pay attention to the instruction. 

A tips from me, I prefer my wax to be warm so I normally heated them first by putting the container in a hot water for 5 minutes. The wax will become runnier and easier to be used, when the liquid is thinner, I don't have to put it as much as when it's cold and it is able to glide easier and smoother on the skin. This is however a personal choice, you may use it warm and runnier or cold and thicker. 

When using warm, it is best to wait for a while after applying the sugar onto the hairy skin. So the sugar can "grab" to the hair tightly before pulling it off. When using cold (as in as it is, without heating it up first) the pulling can be almost immediately.

Here is the image of all four variants ^__^ they look like syrups ready to be put on a warm pancake or waffle. Oh, suddently I remember an episode from Friends where Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica stuck in Monica's room during Rachel and Ross's big 'we're on a break' fight. Those four people are starving that they are eating the wax :D with Sugarpot we can actually do that, LOL, not that I want that to happen (a condition where I'm stuck with no option of food). Well, anyway, this just show how 'real' natural the ingredients are. 

And below is the image of the sugars after being heated. When not, it is not easy to make them 'glide' from the spoons. 

As seen, the chocolate is the thickest and the honey is the lightest in terms of texture. Strawberry and matcha are somewhere in between but more close to the honey than chocolate. Which one do you choose? I assure you, they all wonderful. 

Thank you so much Sugarpot, please keep bringing new variants!! May I suggest creamy milky vanilla? And named it Vanilla Milkshake ^__^ heehee.

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