Monday, May 26, 2014

Kiehl's Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

say bye bye to limp and lifeless hair and say helloooo fuller and thicker hair with Kiehl's Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo.


Details from
A lightweight volumizing shampoo that revives thin. lifeless hair
  • Cleanses hair, leaving no weighty residue so it looks and feels healthier with a fuller and thicker appearance
  • Creates fullness and body without stripping hair of natural lipids
  • Formulated with Rice and Wheat Proteins and the conditioning extracts of Jojoba Seed and Rice Bran

On the image above is the list of ingredients. And what do I say about the product? I love it! I really enjoy the texture of the shampoo, the clear slightly runny gel is easy to be used on wet hair, Lathered up real nice and cleans the hair without making it dry, in fact the hair feels soft and smooth, nicely hydrated and smells really good. I always like a wheat shampoo since they smell comforting and fragrant. Like most shampoo I double-washed the hair before conditioner or mask. The rinsing part also easy and cleans up nicely. After drying? The hair does feels fuller more volume.

Tips:  Don't use a mask that doesn't clears out easily as it will weight the hair down. Use a conditioner only on the ends of the hair and find the one that matches the hair's need. Rinse out everything without any leftover. After finish: A blowout and a volumizing mousse or hair spray will add more long lasting volume.

Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia.

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