Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dr ChukChuk Peeling Care System

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Who wants a clean, soft, and brighter skin? I know I do. I also want my skin to be free from scars, marks and uneven tones. I know for sure there are expensive treatments in clinics that involves a laser or surgery that gives the skin an instant rejuvenation and new look. But I don't want to go to that level, I want a solution that is mild enough to be used daily and effective enough to give results within a month or perhaps months. Gradually is good since it gives the skin natural regenerating process the time it need.

So, my aim is a product that helps promote regenerating and healing. Dr.ChukChuk Peeling Care System is one of the product I can use. It help the skin to peels without pain nor irritation. A lot of exfoliating product on the market do exfoliate, but later on the skin suffers burning sensation, irritation, rash, redness, itchiness and other form of discomfort to even a harmful effect.


Here's the details provided to me:

Dr. Chukchuk Body Peeling Care digunakan untuk membersihkan kotoran dan sel kulit mati pada tubuh ataupun wajah.
Terbuat dari bahan dasar Daun Pegagan yang mengandung Madecassol, yaitu zat aktif yang merupakan antibakteri dan meningkatkan pembentukan kolagen pada sel-sel kulit, dan dapat menyembuhkan luka atau bekas luka.


The instruction itself is pretty simple. just use it on a dry skin, if it is damp after shower, please do wait for a while until the skin is completely dry. The key is to only use it on a dry skin, doesn't necessarily have to be clean. Spray it until the skin is damp and the area that want to be 'peeled' is clean. What's with the apostrophe? The product doesn't really peel the skin off, that would be scary, it does help removing the dead skin, but gentler and finer.

Does this product effective for everyone? By the means of removing the dead skin instantly, in the case of the whole family, the product works out well except for my mom. Since she exfoliate almost daily when I sprayed on this product only small amount of  dead skin cells coming off and on some area there's even none.

Unlike the rest of the family member, here's one example:


A lot of dead skin cells coming off and on some area it's not even white ... it's dark \@o@/

This product do 'peel' dead skin cells.
Does not irritate the skin and I think it is best to be used once a week.
In terms of clearing the skin from wounds and/or scar, it depends on the severity of the problem. The deeper the scar is the more difficult it is to be removed or need more time. It may even take years. But does this product promote healing and better looking skin? With regular use, correct usage and lotion used afterwards, I think, yes. Since the 'blocker' aka dead skin cells is removed a lotion can penetrate better, by using a compatible lotion that helps promote healing and scar reducing formula, in time, the skin will appear better and better. 

You may found out more about the product and get one yourself here:

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