Monday, May 26, 2014

Playgirl Decorative Eyelash from Lola Box

Hi all,

who loves lashes? Oh, I think we all do! All beauty enthusiast for sure. It create different sides of us, flirty, fun, cute, or like this one playgirl.

A collection by Decorative Eyelash called Playgirl. Which I think suits best for lower lashes.


As the below image shown, I'm using it on my lower lashes. The product is thick and stiff, easy to be used on the lower part of the eyes, the clear plastic line hold all the lashes tightly and firmly. The shape and model able to create a dramatic dolly look instantly. Quite strong and one pair may be used again and again, if handled gently it may last for 5-10 usages.


This product is part of Lola Box March 2014 edition.


  1. do you know where i can buy them online? ^-^

  2. Hi Midori,

    I think they are available at Rakuten, not sure thou' ... sorry :(