Friday, May 2, 2014

Another You (AYOU) Products

Hello lovelies, 

Another You (AYOU) has sent me some of their collections recently, a black box consist of brushes and falsies are her. 

As someone who enjoys using makeup, brushes and falsies are amongst my must have items at home. My collections of brushes and falsies has earn a shelf on their own in my cabinet. I'm not fussy in terms of selecting them, but I do choose the products that are innovative, practical, usable, gentle to the skin and user friendly. AYOU products does meet most of my category in being practical, user friendly, gentle to the skin and usable. One of it's lashes also quite innovative and I find it as a must have as well. 

In term of prices, as seen above, they are budget friendly. 

This is their motto, Beauty is Perfection. 

Here are the brushes, one for eyeliner, one for blending and the biggest one is for blush/powder/bronzer. They are from Armando Caruso. 

And here's the falsies from Bisou collections, the one in 4 pairs.

And in one pair. The one that I find innovative. Look at the shape ^__^ just wait for it, I'll definitely make a look with it. 

The 1 pair has glue in it while the 4 doesn't. Below is the details of the product and their instruction on how to use it. 

Below is my image using the one from the 4 pairs. The lashes are so thin hence putting it on needs effort and precision. A thick one usually easier since they are stiffer. But of course the thin ones always more comfortable and can be more natural. So, it's depends on which look you want to create, subtle or daring.

Of course, I'm trying the brushes too. The eyeliner brush feels medium firm, so it is still soft to be used around the eyes yet firm enough to apply the product. The blending brush is suitable for to blend eyeshadow nicely and the one for the blush/powder/bronzer is nice too. The bristles are soft enough to the touch. I'm using it to apply blush on and the colors spread on nicely. 

Thank you AYOU.

More details:
kakaotalk user ID: ayoubeauty
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BB pin: 73E131CF
whatsapp & sms only: +6281311020323
Tel: (6221) 62302121/ 62302122 (start commencing around June 2014)

Twitter and instagram: @ayoubeauty

Get these products at: Sogo, Metro, Seibu, Debenhams, Lotte Shopping Avenue department stores

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