Friday, May 30, 2014

Introduction to Garnier Skin Natural Light Complete

Hello gorgeous,

who wants a clearer skin? Away from dullness? Not oily but fresh? I guess a lot of us do, at least that's what some surveys says. Indonesian skincare user are looking for a clear, brighter skin away from dullness and oils.

Garnier newest full collection offers all of the above in their Light Complete series.


Have you ever seen so many yellows in a single image?! Heehee, I love it! They look so juicy, fresh and really perk up my day.

The series comes from cleansing and all the way to compact powder.


Psst!! Do you noticed they also gave me a hand sanitizer?! It's not Garnier for sure but even the bonus is cute.


Okay, let's start digesting the products one by one, start from the cleanser. Both Foam and Scrub comes in a white creamy gel. Scrub with very tiny soft beads and Foam without. Both lathers up very well and both leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean. Not my favorite definitely since it made the skin feels so tight.


Next is the toner. The cool dewy toner turns out to be one of my favorite amongst the collection for it's dewiness. The light cloudy gel smells good and the feeling on the skin is pleasant. I dislike a toner that contain high alcohol content, this one is not one of those toners. Damp a cotton pad after cleaning with the toner and dab gently on the skin, making them ready for the next step of moisturizer. But before we move on to the creams, here's one product that I found very interesting. The Multi-Action Whitening Cream. This product can be used after a moisturizer. The texture is a white cream but on the skin, it's easily used without any thickness felt.


And best of all is the result of using the Multi-Action Whitening Cream, instant fair and radiant skin with a matte finish. I find this product as a steal, budget friendly and gives the skin a wonderful makeup base.


After discussing about the Multi-Action Whitening Cream, now it's time for the moisturizers. Comes in two types, day and night. Both in white color, the day one appears thicker and since it contains UV Protection of SPF 20/PA+++ it has that whiteness that clearly says, contain sun protection material.


The night cream appears runnier and clearer. Closer to a gel than the day cream. Clearly gives the skin a more hydrating power that last through the night. The smell of the creams and well, the whole collection is nice and fresh, perhaps like a hint of sweet lemon.

I'll share more reviews regarding the moisturizers (both day and night) on another post.


Last on the line is the compact powder that helps the skin from the sun woth SPF 18 and Vit C to help brighten the skin. Given to me is shade 02 Natural which is too dark for me, so, sorry, I can't share my face using it as it will be like a tan instead of brightening effect ^^

Of course there's the mask too, which I've reviewed on a post in 2011 (HERE) to complete the skincare set an Eye Roll On also available on the market and don't forget the BB Cream too.

Thank you Garnier Indonesia.

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