Friday, November 11, 2011

Garnier Light Peel-Off Mask

Recently a PR company send me an email regarding one of Garnier's hit item: the Lightening Peel-Off Mask.

Details found from Garnier China and translated by Google:

Garnier Whitening Brightening really taken the white mask, with pure lemon extract, vitamin C, can make skin dull mild eliminate impurities and aging skin, the use of natural plant energy, show more skin immediately white translucent complexion, reply natural pure white, skin is more delicate.
         Usage: After cleaning the clean face evenly before putting a thin layer of mask. Wait about 15 minutes until the mask is completely dry, then gradually exposed from the bottom of the face mask in addition to, and face with warm water wash away the residue of the essence. 2 times a week using recommended.

Ms. Laudya showing us how to use the mask. And instantly a brighter complexion is achieved.

So couple days ago a box of these cuties arrived at my home. Thank you, it's a pack for using the mask, and yes resting during the mask is recommended ^___^

Clean your face before use

Completely dry your facial skin before using, remember it for 2 times, cleverly separated.

The yellow gel is thick and smell citrus-ey . . .  lemonade anyone?!

Careful not to be to close to your hair lines, mouth, eyes and eye brows. I use my hand for application and let the mask on my fingers as it is, so I can have an advanced warning when the mask is dry on my face. Peeling a completely dry mask is a breeze than doing it when still a bit wet, messy and troublesome. So, be patience and made sure every part is completely dry before pulling them off.

What I get after taking the mask off? A brighter complexion, cleaner skin, smoother and soft to the touch. Try it and have a 'fresh' look in a jiffy!


  1. Maskernya bajuus, tapi sayang gak cocok di kulitku. Stelah pake keluar bintil-bintil, tapi besoknya kempes, sih. Alkohol dan bau maskernya terlalu menyengat ampe bikin kepalaku puyeng... Poor me... Padahal maskernya lumayan bagus... *sob*

  2. Dear Anon,

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Yes, some of the ingredients might not be suitable for all skin condition. I hope your skin recover now.