Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Welcome Visionnaire by Lancome

On Monday night at 14th of November 2011 I was invites by Lancome to their newly launched product that have been the talk of the town all over the world. Yes, Visionnaire has landed.

With a touch of Tosca, including me, each guess present ready to hear some good news about the product.

Visionnaire Cosmetic Water 200ml : Rp 500.000,- is the first in the line.

Then the main attraction, the heroine, the star it's:
Visionnaire Advance Skin Corrector 30ml : Rp 900.000,-
Visionnaire Advance Skin Corrector 50ml : Rp 1.300.000,-

Then the lovely Visionnaire Emulsion 75ml : Rp 800.000,-

The scene is relax, luxurious, yet comforting in The Glass House.

On my table lies the emulsion which feels so soft, fragrant and easy to absorb. No sticky feeling, just comforting moisturizing effect.

Here are some information by the Press Release

Inventing the Future

From the beginning, Lancôme has consistently written the story
of cosmetics in an ever more increasingly visionary spirit.
Visionary is a word that defines the conception of Lancôme’s
skincare better than any other.
Skincare that is always ahead of its time, both from a scientific point
of view but also in its understanding of women’s needs
and desires…
Women’s desires change, as does their vision of beauty.
But their desire to look simply beautiful,
whatever their age, remains.
Thus, Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector
is created. A global skincare solution based on a unique molecule
with optimal tolerance.
The beautiful skin molecule is born.
The dream of a flawless skin.
The perfection of Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%].
Youcef Nabi,
Lancôme Worldwide President

Skincare Ahead of Its Time

Lancôme innovates with Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%], its first skincare product formulated
to fundamentally recreate truly beautiful skin.
A Lancôme technological breakthrough has identified a miraculous new molecule.
The name of this molecule: LR 2412.
A molecule that is able to “self-propel” through the layers of the epidermis, to set off a series of
tissular micro-transformations.
The result is that skin is visibly transformed: the texture is finer, wrinkles are erased, pigmentary
and vascular irregularities are reduced and pores are tightened.

Women are becoming
more dynamic, more att ractive,
what ever their age, and their skin needs to reflect this.

The question is no longer whether their skin betrays age but rather that it reflects how
women feel deep inside, their energy and quest for perfection, both in their professional and
personal lives.
Far more than simply fighting against wrinkles and their visible age, they long for a truly
beautiful skin quality: smoother, plumper, free of pigmentation and vascular irregularities.
Quite simply, truly beautiful skin.
To achieve this, women today know that targeted action is no longer enough. Whether at the
dermatologists or at home, they are looking for a multitude of ways to lead them to perfection.
For that, today’s woman needs a variety of solutions to achieve perfect skin and they want
results to see visible changes.
Women are changing.
Lancôme anticipates their desires.

Clinical Study
A clinical study carried out on 60 subjects demonstrated the effectiveness
of VISIONAIRE [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector on beautiful
skin criteria:
- wrinkles
- pores
- pigmentary unevenness
- vascular unevenness
Wrinkles, pores, and unevenness were quantified by a dermatologist using
clinical atlases developed by our Research Laboratories. Each criterion was
clinically scored before and after 4 and 8 weeks of use of Visionnaire
[LR 2412 4%]:

                                           After 4 weeks After 8 weeks
             Crow’s feet wrinkles                -7%              -14 %
             Underneath eye wrinkles        -15 %           -18 %
             Inter-ocular wrinkles               -15 %           -24 %
             Pigmentary unevenness          -5 %             -10 %
             Vascular unevenness              -9%              -15 %
            Pores                                     -8 %           -13 %

Excited? Get them in the counter starting from January 2012, and my review on the Visionnaire Advance Skin Corrector is coming soon ^___^


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