Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bloggers Special Makeover (4th November 2011) and Readers GIVEAWAY

Hi lovely readers! How are you today, I hope all of you in a wonderful mood and condition, I know I am. Flu season is here, so make sure you do take care your health okay ^__^

Here is the blog post regarding the Special Makeover for Bloggers which is held on Friday, 4th of November 2011 in L'Oreal Academie .

The three bloggers are Hanna, Christina, and Gita . . . but I'm also honored to be involved and get another INOA hair color. Let's see our changes. Details will be given on another post and each blogger's post for the makeover. 

Hanna is getting a St.Honore look with Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced, she seems doubt by her curliness but do watch out her post for her update, click ---> HERE!

Me with St.Honore look and INOA in deep purple. LOVE it!

Gita with St.Honore look and Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist. She is saying good bye to her dry edges ^___^ The Academie also adding Glossy for a color touch up.

Christina get an INOA look with a light brown color . . . wait a minute! Yes, if you pay attention on the previous posts on the makeover, Christina and Gita are changing their mind, while Gita get a Japanese Smoothing, Christina get INOA. Christina challenge INOA and the result? INOA won her heart.

Four of us are happy bloggers thanks to L'Oreal Professionnel and Lancome.
What? That's it? Nope! I will deliberate the process later on ^__^

Bloggers with Ms. Rossa (makeup artist from Lancome). Thank you for working your arts on our faces, Ms. Rossa.

Us with Ms. Irma, thank you for the makeup makeovers and lovely goodies bag filled with Lancome skincare.

Us with Ms. Muthia from L'Oreal Professionnel with awesome goodies bag too filled with hair care and styling products.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ^___^
And I'm inviting 2 readers to join me on Treatment Day with me that will be held in the first week of December (details will only be given to the 2 selected readers) on weekdays and here's a glimpse of the Treatment Day ---> CLICK!  Plus the 2 readers will get goodies bag from L'Oreal Professionnel with hair care products ^__^

How you can participate:

1. Comment here with your name and email.
2. "Like" on facebook
3. Follow me at @c13v3rgirl (twitter) and at this blog.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity of their comment and don't forget the Treatment Day will be held at the Academie on weekdays. Registration is closed on 26th of November 2011 and the winner will be announced on 30th of November 2011.

That's it! And you'll get a treatment plus products according to your hair's need. All treatment and products worth approximately Rp. 750.000 - Rp. 1.000.000.

Read more of L'Oreal Professionnel products ---> HERE!


  1. name: joan

  2. Hi Shimmerpole,

    the treatment will be held in Jakarta, if you are outside the area, you have to provide your own transportation and accommodation :)

  3. Just found this blog. And it's amazing, as I don't find many beauty bloggers from Indonesia. I love INOA in deep purple look as you got it in your hair. Did u choose that color by urself? And are you still with that color in your hair now?

    Name : Nia
    email :
    Follow ur twitter, this blog and like ur FB already :)

  4. Hi Ethenia :)

    I was staying in Singapore when I started this blog, now I'm in Indonesia :)

    Yes, I love INOA purple color too :) and yes, I'm still in it now. The purple is deep and I find it really cool, and little birds told me blue is coming soon ^___^

    Thank you for following my blog and twitter and fb too heehee.

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