Friday, November 25, 2011

L'Oreal Paris UV Protector UV Perfect Matte

I got a pretty surprise at my door this morning, yes, THIS MORNING ^__^

A beach bag with a sun protection product from L'Oreal, neat! Even thou' it's rainy season now, there's never a moment where living in Jakarta doesn't need any sun protection.

If you love your skin and want to keep them young and healthy, sun protection is the key.

L'Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise is here with UV Perfect for a 12 hours in the sun without the shine.

Not just the matte version, the range also come with tinted for even complexion, transparent and anti dullness (sold separately).

As you can see at the above picture I have this product since last year since I was in Singapore ^__^, they have different box but both are the same, so just in case you're running international you'll see that these are the exact same item.

The product contain UV Filter and Anti-Oxidant, Mexoryl SX dan XL (XL BLOCK) patented, give optimum UVB and UVA protection so future damage that cause dark spots and early signs of aging can be reduced. Enriched with Detoxyl.

My verdict and review:

I've know the product for a year and I can honestly say the product earn a good score of 7 for being less oily,  budget friendly and the range comes in 4 different types that you can easily adjust. The product is sweat proof, but during sweating doesn't meant that it will not become glowing (from the sweat) but the product will not wear off. So the sun protection is still there even thou' you're sweating, which means it's a good news for a hot city like Jakarta (or any other town in Indonesia).

Pay attention they are not waterproof, so water sport related activity would not be sufficient using this product. It is most suitable to be used in the city, daily use ^__^ so they don't overload the product for the things you didn't need.

You'll love:
The friendly budget price, the smooth feeling it created, the mild floral scent and the SPF 30 UVB and UVA PA +++ which protect your skin from future damage incl. skin cancer.

Tips: Do not forget to double cleanse your skin every time you use a sun block.

Last but not least:
Enjoy your day rain or shine!

BTW, even thou' you're not out there in the sun, indirect sun exposure can also cause skin damage, so, still use a sun protection even thou' you're staying indoor okay ^___^