Friday, November 18, 2011

Bobbi Brown's Creation in Plaza Indonesia

I just got back from Plaza Indonesia for a makeup session with Bobbi Brown, Oohh! I'm so excited, finally I get a chance to be Bobbi Brown-ed ^___^

The atmosphere is just perfect, makeup? Here I come!

Endless variety of nudes, remember in Bobbi, it's all about natural, you are beautiful, using makeup only enhance what you have. This motto is hold dear by women all over the world.

The New Classics

See the apple cheeks? Love it! It's so Glee!

Whaaaaat?! Yes, that's me as the before makeup . . . some days are just so hard on me, exhaustion, sickness, and fever has take its toll on my face. Puffy, bloated and sleepy looking face. Bobbi Brown, you got your challenge alright.

Within a jiffy Ms. Henny transformed my tired looking skin into smooth finish using liquid foundation that feels so light. Oh yes, she did prep my skin with the skincare line from Bobbi that smell so fragrant. Love the gel texture that absorb in a flash.

After the liquid is brushed on, compact and loose powder is used. All Bobbi's stuff is light yet give adequate coverage, perfect for daily use to night time for a natural beauty that still all yours.

Then the cheek has its turn. Sorry, the yellow light is so unkind today. Can't hardly see the blush. But you can definitely see the shading and fluffy cheek ^____^

Then it's eyes turn. Ms. Henny put an emphasis which is her signature, so my look today is Bobbi Brown in Ms.Henny adaptation.

Ms. Henny while doing my cheeks. Isn't she pretty?

Taking her pose on doing the eyes. My eyes are pop-ed using the famous liner, mascara, and shadows . . . never forget to put the base for the eyes first okay. Find out more on the products in

This is me with Ms. Henny, it took her around 45 minutes to finished the look which is based on Bobbi Brown's signature look.

All the products used for my makeover by Bobbi Brown. Gorgeous! And btw, I do pay attention on the non-stop customers that kept on coming. Bobbi is really loved here.

This is my final look by Ms.Henny of Bobbi Brown. I love how my skin feels smooth, light, yet in every angle is enhance without being too much and far from heavy.

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