Friday, November 11, 2011

Shining Conditioner of Tsubaki (Shiseido)

Details from

Pasa with her hair, glossy shine to the hair from moisture-filled core.

  • • The cuticles trimmed, leading to high coercivity moisturizing hair filled with beauty and depth of gloss: ※ camellias blended leaf essence.
  • Flowers · fruits tailored glamorous camellia fruit nectar (or spit Kimitsu) scent.
  • Carefully formulated camellia oil (gloss hair protection)
Camellia Leaf Essence ※: Camellia Leaf Extract, DPG, hydroxyethyl urea

My review:

The thick cream color, ehm, cream, is fragrant and beautiful to the touch. Soft, flowery and smoothing my hair to the ends. Makes me wonder and feels the obvious differences with other common brand conditioner. I used it with other brand of shampoo yet they seem to get along just fine. I know in Japan Shiseido is the brand that used in almost every reputable hotel, by so I'm aware that their quality is something to be proud of.

Must try product from Japan for added softness and shines to your hair.

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