Friday, November 25, 2011

Brightspot - 25 to 27 Nov'11 at Plaza Senayan

Last night I was invited to Brightspot Market thanks to Plaza Senayan, since it was just for invitation I thought it would be less crowded.

And I'm wrong!

It was crowded and feel so hot, reminder, come with your most comfortable clothes and know your sizes to avoid queuing at the changing room. But other than these uncomfortable situation the places is filled with cool stuff that you really want to buy or see.

Check out their website: for all the participating tenants. Some clearly have loyal fans, while some are beginning to have tons of fans. I really like how creative Indonesian people really are. No more boring outfit or gadgets, small things are matter where the details become art itself.

From fashions to teens, adults, crafts to kids stuff, they all here. This is one of my favorite things. Love their children outfit.

These are kids, really! It's like miniature fashionista, Suri would love to be here.

Unique shoes with a whooping price too, but no worries, sale for 40% for your wallet's convenience ^__^ 

I know, these stuff are selected carefully and you wont find those typical common brand, maybe that's why for some the price are high. It's more like limited edition meets handpicked.

All of these are usable, they are not just decorations, the rocks? Candles!

The place is quite big, no worries, you wont get lost in it.

Some of the tenants and still a whole lot more.

Me in the event, syal, scarf, and jackets, should be banned here. It's too hot, yet it's still worth the heat, so many awesome things here.

So, come and have a blast of arty fun here!

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