Monday, November 21, 2011

Step by Step Guide of St.Honore Look (Lancome Fall/Winter 2011)

Hi all!

I'm going to show all of you step by step guide of St.Honore done by the makeup artist. So, the makeup will be done from the beginning 'till the end by Ms.Rossa, yes, this is from my recent makeover by L'Oreal Professionnel and Lancome.

Did you know Lancome have an expert consultation guide? Yup, they do. Come to the counter and ask for one, you can also learn how to do it by reading the guide and taught by the makeup artist too.

Okay then, let's start mine. Always cleanse your face before makeup.

Using one of my favorite cleanser, the Galateis is fragrant, lovely and get the job done with a lot of comforting properties too.

My face are cleaned now, this is also my before look -____-

Never forget the series of skincare consultation to know which Lancome's skincare will match your needs. Yes, they do have it in the counter too. It help you get to know your skin better too and what kind of products, ingredients and method suits you best.

After cleansing, my skin is pampered with toner, Genifique, and Hydra Zen. I look happier don't I?!

Then we proceed with Maqui Blanc, the texture is still light like Teint Miracle but provide a bit more powder for a more matte look. I really like how the tone really blend in since they carry a lot of natural color that suits our skin.

Then powder is added, loose and compact for a smooth, matte, finished based. Ready for color now ^__^

The St.Honore look have 3 types from Casual Beauty, Chic Sophistication to Elegant Sophistication.

I think I'm going for the Casual but let see what Ms.Rossa have in mind. First, she shaped my brows.
Still following my natural shape and a bit accentuate on the arc.

Then she made the eyeliner like the cat eye, a bit pointy to the top. This one need practice and precision so both eyes look the same.

Then the eye shadows are applied, with some shading for the cheeks and blush on too.

Then some shading for the nose.

Lip color are added and it was RED, daring red. Va va voom, Lancome want to paint the town red!

This is some of the stuff used for me that day.

And I'm done! Bold eyes and lips is the signature of St.Honore. So girls, ready for tonight?

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