Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lux Magical Spell is a Sweet Delight

Recently Lux sent me their collections of liquid soaps, bar soaps and refills. It was really a lot. Thank you so much Lux. I've used them before on and off, mostly because of the scents, they do keep evolving. Being a common brand which is affordable to almost anyone and budget-wise, Lux attracting customers with their scents, but none was able to achieve this level.

Magical Spell is one of the newest addition which is delicious sweet sensation to my nose. My bathroom smells lovely for almost an hour. It is not edt or even edp, but I really like the scent and if they make a perfume with this smell it would be a hit ^__^

Here's more info from Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash Facebook page:

In a groundbreaking debut for Lux body wash products “LUX Fine Fragrance”, the team of talented perfumers embarked on a creative journey, led by famed fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb. Ann is the world acclaimed nose behind adored, best-selling fragrances such as CK One, Obsession, Eternity and Daisy and Lola for Marc Jacobs. Ann worked closely with the perfumers on this innovative LUX project, encouraging them to explore an artistic side to fragrance creation that is innovative for the category. Together with Lux, Ann and the noses combined their olfactive expertise until they perfected the contemporary and captivating scents.

One such compelling creation is Magical Spell. Magical Spell is a statement making femme fatale scent built around exotic notes of Black Orchid and Juniper Oil. Magical Spell is a Floral Fruity Oriental scent, with an addictive edge provided by base notes of dark woods, amber, musk, patchouli and vanilla, delivering a rich and sensual finale designed to last on the skin

Secret Bliss is a striking, sophisticated green oriental scent built on Egyptian Violet Leaf and Elemi oil. Lavishing the skin with sensuality are provocative base notes of amber, black violet and sandalwood.

The scents in LUX Fine Fragrance not only smell divine, they also trail their intoxicating scents long after the shower is over. To ensure the fragrance can be enjoyed both in and after the shower, Lux unlocked its hidden property within body washes called Fragrance Pearls. These Fragrance Pearls have been designed to protectively capture the precious perfume oils and release them as you lather.

A sparkling and fresh combination of luscious Jasmine Sambac and Italian Orange Oil are coupled together to create Dream Delight, a fresh floral fruity perfume that wraps the skin in vivacious glamour. Warm sensuous undertones of Living Sugar Orchid, musk and vanilla also linger seductively on the skin.

The fragrances captured in these Lux Fine Fragrances have been blended by perfumers and contain precious and rare ingredients which have traditionally been used in fine fragrance. Scents inspired by flowers at the peak of their bloom, exotic fruits, woods, and herbs are unleashed when washing to embrace and linger on the skin.

LUX Fine Fragrance belongs to the fine fragrance world’s most prized olfactory families.

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