Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Original Source Mint & Tea Tree

Heehee, hello everyone,

I guess every now and then products from Original Source will keep on popping up at my blog. As long as they keep adding more 'flavor', I'll keep reviewing them as well. 

I love real natural ingredients alright (as long as it's from plants). This time Original Source is mixing up some mints with tea tree to provide a refreshingly clean shower that gives the skin a cool sensation and antibacterial properties. 

Here's some details from http://www.originalsource.co.uk:

It is super refreshing alright and suitable to be used on hot days like these, plus the environment friendly bottle is a bonus point for preserving our mother earth.

Do you know that Original Source's bottle is kinda unique?! The opening is small and I never have one that spills. It like it's almost a vacuum container. What's inside only comes out when pressed real tight.

The texture of the green -a bit cloudy- gel is thick and like a condense milk. Lathers up real good, I think I only need around 1 table spoon into a sponge and it is enough to clean and gives a very cooling effect for the whole body.

The strong aroma of a mint is like we're inside a mint candy.


Definitely worth trying and buying too.

Thanks Original Source Indonesia, keep bringing us more please.

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  1. suka warna hijau botolnya..