Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Menard Herb Mask

Hi lovelies, 

I'm trying Menard's Herb Mask just now and feels like it really worth sharing, the product given to me is in a travel size, hence explain the petite container. 

Even thou it is a travel size, Menard never fails to provide an adequate details.

1 minute skin reset for smooth and bright skin
Contains 3 granules obtained from variety of herbs. It is an instant creamy facial mask for ultimate clarifying care. The unique Spherical Jojoba Oil Grain exfoliates dead skin cells for a clear, bright and silky smooth skin, allowing ingredients to penetrate better into the skin. Relaxing scents clears away the dullness of your mind and skin.
Green Herb Granules: Strawberry Geranium, Raspberry, Jujube Fruit
Pink Herb Granules: Wild Thyme, Rosa Multiflora Fruit (Japanese Rose), Chamomile, Coix

Other Herbs:  Jojoba (Spherical Jojoba Oil Grain), Arnica
Directions for use
After washing and massaging, apply to dry face avoiding hairline, eyes and lips. Gently massage the areas where old skin cells tend to accumulate (forehead, nose and chin) in a circular motion for 30 seconds. Rinse away with (lukewarm) water.


The aroma? It's really full of herbs and somehow reminds me of a fresh scent of forest in the morning. Greens and alive. The granules are like tiny balls, since they are rounded the feeling on the skin also comfortable with no rough edges. But they don't 'scrub' much. Which is good for my sensitive skin, I guess the focus is on the ingredients and not the 'scrubbing' material like most products do. Maybe this is the difference between high cost product and the low ones.


The result? Is a clean (thanks to cleansing and massaging products used before) and clearer skin. The feeling is refreshed and womderful. Away from discomfort and no dryness nor tightness felt. Suitable for all skin type. No harshness felt, so it is pure indulgment using the Herb Mask. 

Thank you Menard Indonesia.

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