Saturday, May 31, 2014

Silk Cushion Cheek Blusher in Rose Quartz

Hello lovelies,

Shu Uemura bijoux collection has their own pair of blushes. Comes in two shade, rose and orange quartz. Mine is happen to be Rose Quartz.


Bijoux collection

The first-ever  marshmellow-like bouncy texture is also available as a cheek blush!
Effortlessly achieve a professional finish with this luscious blush.

Pink Quartz: A Rose pink shade that embellishes cheeks for a romantic statement


A simple product that gives the cheek a pinkish hue with radiant touch to the skin.


The product created a glows like pearls do. The cheek appears to be plumper and looks pretty sweet. Use the blush on with a brush for it, depends on the face feature for a better effect, for me and my chubby cheeks, I used a rounded method from near the nose and more upward toward the ears. I really like how soft the formula is and the result is not a plain blush but it gives better reflections on naked eye and in photos.

If you want a more pinkish hue, just build the color by adding more layers.

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia.

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  1. Your makeup items is just amazing T__T Hope someday I can afford them hahaha