Thursday, October 1, 2015

Anna Sui Creamy Foundation Primer

Hello lovelies,

this is Anna Sui Creamy Foundation Primer. As the title goes, the product is made to be used before the foundation.


As I love Anna Sui's roses and all, I also a huge fan or her black and gold design. They look exquisite and sophisticated, a classic that can never go wrong.

In terms of details, Anna Sui always put an effort to make every single of her item worth collecting.


30ml / SPF 20・PA++
Is it a serum or a primer?
Realize smooth pore coverage & translucent, moisturized skin.

● Serum-like hydration!
● Creamiest texture = moisturizing application
● Hides pores for smooth, translucent skin.
● Like a second skin that yields superb foundation application and wear-time.

The primer itself made suitable for all skin type to look perfected, healthier and of course like most primer, adding the wear time of the whole makeup.


The formula is a nude skin colored creamy lotion that feels wonderful on the skin. So soft and I can feel the luxurious ingredients, like it is pampering the skin with moisture. In the same time, the cream helps calming the skin, relaxing the lines and minimizing the pores, so they'll appear naturally flawless.


The product easily used by fingers and hands.

On a cleaned, toned skin, right after serum and moisturizer, in short, after all skincare routine is done and before all makeup is applied.


The patchy redness are disappearing, the fine lines reduced, the large pores seem hidden with the soft focus ability from the primer, and it gives the skin that luminous radiant glow.

And as usual, the lovely tea rose scent is wonderful.


It prep the skin before using makeup, creating a beautiful base to help makeup perform better as well.


Have you ever wonder why your foundation doesn't stick? Or easily melt, cakey finish, noodling and cracking dry here and there? You need primer. And Anna Sui Creamy Foundation Primer might be the answer for you as well.

Like seen on the image above and below, I'm using the primer and liquid foundation from Anna Sui. Followed by a loose powder and decorative makeup, they all look great together and it all begin with the base.

A flawless, moist and supple skin with luminous finish is always a perfect base for makeup.


And best of all, the feeling is light and airy, like a second skin, a perfected second skin.

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.