Thursday, October 1, 2015

Anna Sui Liquid Foundation

Hello lovelies!!

This is Anna Sui Liquid Foundation.

Famous to be used during weddings for being lightweight, soft and gives the skin that luminous effortless finish.


The box is a typical Anna Sui collection with roses. dominated with pink and purple roses and black background.

7c / 30ml / SPF 20・PA++
    Poreless, moisturized skin is easy with this Liquid Foundation!

    ● Pores are gone for silky skin!
    ● Stay moisturized all day long!
    ● Beautiful fit & finish.
    [Directions for Use]
    ● After priming skin, apply evenly to face with hands or fingertips.


    The pump bottle is pretty, the engraving and details made by Anna Sui never fail to impress me. Mine is in shade 101, I dare not to use 100 as I think that's for porcelain fairness like Nicole Kidman.


    After priming the skin with Anna Sui Creamy Foundation Primer, the foundation glide on the skin smoothly. You may also use it without the primer, but I think the primer help perfecting the formula, especially if you have dry skin or other problems including large pores, dehydration, dull skin, and others including aging such as fine lines and wrinkle. The primer will help prepping the skin to look better and made application easier as well.


    Back to the foundation, you can either use a brush or fingers, it really doesn't matter, they work fine just as it is and even thou the creamy texture feels so light and airy, the foundation does provide my skin with enough coverage. The uneven skin tone become even and unified. The large pores are covered completely, the skin become radiant and I love the glowing finish. Glowing as in beautiful radiant and NOT oily nor greasy.

    The makeup also suitable for a long wear and doesn't make the skin dry.


    After the foundation, a loose powder is added and I'm done for the base. The skin looks great and ready for color makeup. I love how they made my skin look younger without the weight, like a no makeup makeup look.

    On the skin, it feels like I'm using a rich skincare instead of makeup.

    The velvety finish is wonderful and I can go on without a powder when the air is dry, but since we live in hot and humid area, a loose powder is essential.

    Those who have very dry skin can still skip loose powder thou' and let their skin enjoy the skincare benefit from the makeup, not that they are replacing skincare, just added benefit.... and still a makeup.


    Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia, get yours at any Anna Sui counter and the wide variety of shades will add up as a bonus point as we all can find our perfect match.

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