Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact SPF 23/PA ++

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was a busy ones for me, there are many events and one of them is the celebration launch for Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact.

A miracle of technology
Behind Blanc Expert Cushion lies the ground-breaking synergy of a sensorial fluid, an airy cushion and a soft
insulating applicator. Perfection is finally within your reach!

The power of light: its formula is enriched with pine extract, known for its depigmenting properties. The complexion is left radiant, illuminated with
transparent perfection.

The moisturising duo: the association of an emollient agent, ester oil, and glycerine improves skin’s water content, leaving it softer and smoother. 4-hour
hydrating action for skin’s well-being and comfort*.

Visibly smoother skin: the polymer’s gel texture combines with the pigments’ coverage for a blur effect. Pores and surface imperfections are reduced, as though
minimised. Skin texture is visibly more even.

Visibly younger skin: the formula is enriched with adenosine, known for its anti-wrinkle properties. Skin is left more luminous and smoother, as though

Photo-protection: with SPF 23/PA++ to protect the complexion from UVA and UVB, to help prevent the formation of age spots and the signs of sun-related

As fine and silky as a serum, the formula is concentrated in water and enriched with volatile oils acting as a source of moisture and freshness. On skin, it
evaporates in a delightfully refreshing frisson, leaving nothing, but a corrective colour veil and an intensely cool caress.


The event itself has been held for a few days at Central Park Mall, right at the heart of the atrium passerby and Lancome fans can see and witness the beauty of Lancome and their new products.
The arrays of flowers definitely hard to missed and everyone happily took pictures here and there.


Soon the event for blogger started and representative from Lancome like Ms. Stephanie (Product Manager) and Ms. Patricia (trainer), went into the stage, accompanied by Alexandra and the MC.


Testimonial and product's details are shared during the event from how easy using the cushion, practical, filled with ingredients that are beneficial for the skin to the cooling ability for up to -2,3 degree Celsius upon usage.


I feel excited trying on new products and this is one of the reason why. A makeup that contain skincare, as we uses them, it add benefits to our skin. From hydration, sun protection, and depigmenting properties for that lusciously brighter skin complexion.


Lancome Blanc Expert series has been famous and well known for its ability to help brighten the skin for that crystal clear effects, now the series is completed with another product used in the makeup series. Inspired by the Korean cosmetic and their love for cushion, Lancome produce their own cushion compact.


I've used the product during the event and above is the result. My skin appear fairer and the complexion is even out. |

The texture is wonderful and the cushion can be tapped or swiped as we pleased. The finish is a semi velvety skin with that radiant glow, a bit dewy but not overwhelming. When used with the whole collection of skincare from Lancome such as Genifique, Hydra Zen (for hydration) and so on, the skin will get that lovely dewy finish.

Those who prefer velvety or even matte, simply add some loose powder and/or mattefying powder afterwards.


Another special factor during the event? The compacts are customable where we get to pick one from these three designs. I love the Eiffel Tower but ended up with the flowery one (don't know why), which one is your favorite?


I guess lately, I've been in flowery mood thanks to the romance everywhere.... and the flowers at the event.

Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia for having me, I love using the Blanc Expert Cushion Compact, it contain ingredients that pampers the skin, help dry skin use makeup without looking dry and no visible cracking, smoothen everything it touches, very easy to be used and suitable for traveling as well. Touching up also very easy and convinient. Available in shades from bright, yellowish skin, pink, dark with all of the base. Pretty much prime and gives ample foundation as well as medium coverage to maximum (when used with concealer altogether) for that natural finish.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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