Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Biotherm Firm-Corrector

Hello lovelies,

this is Biotherm Firm Corrector, a product made in their body care line.



Tensor Recompacting Body Concentrate

Biotherm concentrates the firming capabilities of L. Ochroleuca extract in a global re-firming re-compacting skincare solution. Firm Corrector gives the skin back its youthful appearance, its supleness and its firmness.


Did you know, after the age of 20, skin loses 50% collagen? Does the skin on your body appear to be sagging, lacking tone and radiance? With Firm Corrector Refirming Body Concentrate, you can resculpt the appearance of your body in just 10 days. Your body’s skin appears more tightened, toned, and firmer.


In 10 days, Firm Corrector recreates the skin’s firmness framework for a firmer body, as if “recompacted”.


A rich and enveloping texture that instantly softens skins as it radiates with beauty. The non-sticky, non-oily formula allows for easy application for the cream to absorb quickly into the skin, enabling you to get dressed immediately following application. The fruity and woody fragrance lifts the spirits, providing you with a complete sense of well-being.

Apply on the body morning and/or evening.
Use upwards smoothing movements, gently massaging thighs, arms (especially the inside) and stomach.
Do not apply to face.


The product comes in a deep blue box, the shade of the blue is similar to the jar. I know that Biotherm no longer available in Indonesia except at the duty free shops in the airports. Still, I love Biotherm, they have wonderful products especially the skincare, but this product is also awesome, the texture is just wonderful.

Creamy at first and subtly fragrant, but after being massage a few minutes, the skin will become so soft and this is the kind of velvety supple softness that I've been dreaming about. It's superb.

I don't feel any stickiness, nor greasy effect, not like conventional lotion that doesn't give any effect, this one made the skin firmer and like this consistency that you dream off. Like a fresh young skin, so firm and soft to the touch...oh like a baby's butt but firmer >.< ... like a mochi.


As good as it goes, this product doesn't 'cure' cellulite, excess fats and just help firming up the skin. So when you're losing weight, exercising and down a few sizes away, you want your skin to 'tag along' as the fat are melting, you don't want your skin to 'melt' as well and sag. You want your skin to get a grip and holds everything tight again, this is the product for you. A firm corrector for your body skin (not for face use).

Highly recommended!!! Use after shower 2 times a day with a little massage to help absorption and firming the skin.

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