Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Deal with Skin Irritations

Hello lovelies,

this is a special post for everyone that have problems related to sensitive skin or things that cause sensitivity and irritation itself.

For me, personally, after paying a great deal of attention for my skin by kept on observing to just about anything that touches my skin, from within (such as diets) and outside, like skincare, cosmetics, tools, to small things like ingredients and habit, these are some of the stuffs that made my skin suffer.


Harsh brushes (or any other makeup tool that too hard on the skin). Imagine multiple application, swipes and movements made on the surface on the skin that feels too much and in the end irritate the skin from fine scratches to infections (remember that some brushes comes in very small tip) added with dirty makeup tools that are filled with germs.

This is a huge warning for everyone who loves to use tester as well in the counters, or join makeup competitions with provided (used brush) or getting their makeup done in a low quality make up artist and or brands, do be careful for these irritations can occur to just about anyone and the infections caused (if happen) later on can be very painful.
Do choose a good quality brushes that offer delicate material that care for the skin and maintain it's cleanliness by cleaning the brushes at least once a week.


Beside brushes and other makeup tools, we need to pay attentions on ingredients too on products that we used. There are ingredients that I need to stay clear off such as whitening.

As most whitening products on the market takes off the skin and increase regeneration rate by kept on removing skin cells to reveal what's within. Our body has it's own natural cycle (around 28 days) if he cycle is made faster, the new skin within will not be ready. They'll look fair at first, but easily damaged (by sun, pollution, and other aggressors).

There are other ingredients that may cause irritation or perhaps I'm sensitive about, but that's related to personal allergy. Like food allergy, some of us may get allergies from seafood, certain medication, pollen, nuts, gluten, or many other form. Same goes with the skin. Products used or applied on the surface of the skin, can also cause allergic reaction. Some mild, some severe, some can be seen instantly and some can only be seen after using it for long period of time.

How to prevent it?

Well, by observing the skin on daily basis, especially when trying new products or new ingredients.

Try using products that are known to be skin friendly, comes from reputable brand, easily tolerate by skin, try them before purchasing and committed to the product for a long term.

Signs of allergy or sensitivity are varied from redness, itchy, sudden swollen or bumps, to severe like burning sensation to even deadly reaction, so please do take a good care by only choosing the proper product that has gone through FDA or other services and research, plus, always read the ingredients list and know your enemy. Ingredients are tricky, a single ingredients can come in many form or names.


One particular ingredients that I'm always avoiding in my cleansing care is detergent. They made the facial wash bubbles up like ... like detergent in my laundry do, and then my skin become squeaky 'clean' like floors and very uncomfortable. This is actually the highlight of things that made my skin sensitive and irritated, since I clean my skin often (2-3 times daily) this is the things that I really need to be used frequently. I'm also using makeup on daily basis hence again, I need a cleanser as well.

A lot of cleanser on the market doesn't really clean the skin, they just took away everything on the surface or worst, left everything that need to be clean but strip off the natural moisture that we actually need. So yikes!! These kind of cleanser is not doing anyone any good but making things worst.

This is the start of all 'evil' in skin care routine, hence I only trust the best, like my favorite Bioderma H20.

They come in several range, but the one made specially for sensitive skin, is Bioderma H20 Sensibio.


The word H20 in the label shows that it's water, and as gentle as water it cares the skin but able to clean the skin well. Yes, they do clean makeup, as well as daily debris, dirt, sebum, and other stuffs that sticks to our skin.

Like magnet, Sensibio H20 took off everything that doesn't belong to the skin and leaves the skin clean without making them suffer, it's just pure comfort and happiness.

Damp a cotton pad with the H20 and gently swipe the skin, check the cotton pad, if it's still dirty, do repeat by changing the cotton pad and damp it again with the H20, keep repeating until the skin is clean and there's no longer visible dirt on the cotton pad.

Proceed with skincare such as toner, serum, moisturizer and so on.


Start by cleaning it right, your skin already half way far from sensitivity and irritation. Do try Sensibio H20 for free by joining their campaign at http://www.bestmakeupcleanser.com/

You can simply get free samples and trying their best formula for cleanser, watch the engaging and interactive story while trying to win stuffs as well.

I'll be waiting for you there, see you!!


Get the skin sensitive and irritation free start from the beginning, by using proper cleanser, and then you can play with products that are safe and beneficial for your skin as well. When you start your day with good quality products, you'll end your days with good looking skin, everyday.

Thank you Bioderma Indonesia.

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