Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Hello lovelies,

this is Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in mild. Apparently, Clinique has more than one type of liquid facial wash. One for oily/normal skin type, one for dry (mild, this one) and the other one is extra mild for very dry skin.


Our guiding dermatologists believe in simple, effective cleansing: soap and water. Soft, non-drying lather cleans gently, rinses easily. Helps remove the stress of pollution so skin looks younger, longer. In 3 skin-typed formulas.

Protects skin's natural moisture balance so there's no taut or dry feeling.


I've used them since early 2000's and really enjoyed the mild formula, mild lathers and mild cleansing feeling too suitable to remove excess makeup remover, daily debris and anything, as long as it is not makeup and not a sunscreen.

The liquid facial soap can be used for anyone including kids too. Actually a lot of Clinique 3 steps skincare like the cleanser and moisturizer is safe to be used just about anyone at almost any age. The kids may not need it but when we hug, kisses and be with them it's okay when it gets on their skin, unlike some products that are harsh on their skin.


The formula is fragrance free, made with care and developed by dermatologist, suitable as a daily cleanser or after the makeup is removed since this is not a makeup remover.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia, do click on #faceforward in social medias to learn and see more about Clinique's skincare line.

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