Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bioderma Hydrabio Brume

Hello lovelies,

Bioderma has finally launches their Hydrabio collection. After being more than a year in international market, they are finally here!!!



dehydrated sensitive skin
Every day, pollution, stress, cold weather, etc. disrupt the skin's cellular activity. It no longer knows how to deeply generate or retain on the surface the water it needs for its natural balance. The skin becomes dehydrated, uncomfortable and more sensitive and loses its radiance.
Found in the full range of Hydrabio products, the Aquagenium® patent stimulates the skin's cellular capacities and reactivates its natural hydration process*.


During the event, my highlights are the products and of course, Yi Chieh Tan is here!! He is the regional trainer and talking with him is just insightful. He is also fun, witty and I can't stop talking with him.

Unfortunately, I was so late coming to the event, NO THANKS to the heavy traffic that day. Still, I manage to play a while with the products, the full collection comes in cleanser (H20), toner, serum and the one mentioned in the title, brume, the face mist aka face spray.


I wont say much about the other products as the one that we're receiving is the face spray.


As seen above, the whole collection looks so pretty in white and blue.

Since the theme is hydration (hence the blue), this is like one thing we can all use. Hydration is the key to all skin's need, everything started from hydration, when the skin is well hydrated, it kept being supple, flexible, stronger and of course reduce the signs of aging.

The spray provide hydration on the surface of the skin, keeping them moist and easily used from time to time. Put one inside your bag and use it every now and then to cool, soothe, toned the skin as well, indoor and outdoor.


In skincare routine, I can use it as toner, right before makeup for prepping the skin, during makeup and after makeup. The fine particles feels comfortable on the skin, it dries almost instantly in air con room, so do spray constantly when the air is dry to keep the skin moist and most of all, those with dehydrated skin can keep the dryness at bay.

Oily skin may also be dehydrated, hence the oils are from within to replace the lack of water, sensitive skin may also suffer from dehydration too hence the skin easily irritated, so pretty much, this is by far the most general product we can all gain benefits from.

The spray container made it easy for overall usage from top to toe, yes, the hair and body skin also need hydration when the air is dry. Spray them everywhere and to everyone too, male, female, boys and girls, we can all use Hydrabio Brume.


Thank you so much Bioderma Indonesia.

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