Monday, October 19, 2015

Boss The Scent

Hey guys,

if you happen to watch cable TV, this ad is probably one of the thing that you've been watching, and wanting. Who doesn't?! The model itself is a man that seems nonchalant yet filled with envy-able confidence.

He look sleek, charming, intense, and luxurious at the same time.

Whose the model? Introducing, Theo James (Divergent) as the ambassador.


Boss the Scent available in EDT 50 ml (IDR 930.000) and EDT 100 ml (IDR 1.200.000).


A seductive fragrance from BOSS that swathes the senses in sensuality with its arousing blend of essences that linger to leave a lasting impression.
It is a masterful orchestration of masculine leather notes with the aphrodisiac maninka fruit from Africa.
A wisp of spicy ginger is the lingering final note to this exquisite fragrance.
The perfect accompaniment to your multifaceted personality.

Top note:
Spicy ginger

Heart note:
Maninka fruit, lavender

Base note:
Burnished leather


The packaging, the depth of the blacks, the container, the bottle, the amber colored liquid, everything speaks confidence.


For me, Boss The Scent is unique. I've grown up with a dad that constantly wears perfume, he is a consultant that works with many different companies and background and he manages a lot of big companies abroad and locally, so he always have to perfected his appearance not just from clothing, with fragrance too. Hugo Boss is one of his favorite brand.

When put together he probably uses hundreds of emptied perfume bottle over these years and altogether a thousand is also possible. He always have perfume at home around 5-6 bottles of his favorite, and whenever he is traveling, he always get some more.

The characteristic of Hugo Boss is there, the depth and multidimensional sides of a perfume. They are always iconic, made with special care that once you sniff it, you wont forget it. Every single time you met someone that uses Hugo Boss, you can tell that that's Hugo.

Boss The Scent, carries some of the history of Hugo Boss with a sweet twist. The fruits and lavender that hits the leather felt intense and yes, I understand the seductive part of the fragrance. I wont say it is unusual, but more like pro-founding. It is definitely a perfume that brings the memory and we're all remember.


When used, the aroma lingers for around 5 hours.

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