Friday, October 9, 2015

Anna Sui Flora Romantica

Hello everyone,

here's a new perfume from Anna Sui (hooray!!!)


The feeling of Art Nouveau again appears on the carton, in playful but precise shapes. It is a world of blossoms and dragonflies, caught in the swirl of a fantasy garden. Blooms abound and interlacing vines are delicately traced. With deep pink borders, and a soft, subtle light at the center, you are drawn into the garden, where pleasure awaits.

This new fragrance by Anna Sui captures the essence of life, love, femininity and romance. It is Anna Sui’s homage to the joy of living. Softly and seductively the fragrance speaks to the heart, bundled into one lovely essence. She picks her favorite flowers to wear on the flacon, a gleaming, gilded masterwork, topped by a rosebud just waiting to open. A rare combination of Art Nouveau, and densely packed flowers, the flacon suggests an energy, a radiance, about to happen. The pure joy all flowers instill.

Classified as a Sparkling Floral, it is at once joyous and sensuous, lively and exciting. The top note opens with a floaty feeling of Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin Essence, Sparkling Pomegranate, and Watery Quince. It is giddy, it is glorious, it is like falling in love all over again.

Soon to be followed by Rose de Mai, Osmanthus Absolute, Jasmine Petals

, and Orange Blossom, the romance builds to a crescendo, awakening a deeper sensuality. Water Lily and Peony Blossom add a touch of whimsy and freshness to the heart.

And then it settles with White Ceylon Cedarwood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood, and Creamy Musk.

The joy is complete.



“I’m a hopeless romantic – I’ll buy flowers and love decorating them in my house. Flowers have the power to convey memories and remind me of special moment in my life, travels, fun times, my childhood, good friends. Their elegant shapes, vibrant colors, gorgeous smells make them very attractive decorating objects. Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning gives me a sense of quiet and happiness on a busy hectic day.

Romantica is the Floral Jewel in my fragrance collection. If fairytales were made of flowers – undoubtedly they would smell like Romantica: charming, fresh, fabulous! It is like an enchanted bouquet of blooms, sure to cast a magical spell!

And no one is too old for fairytales!!”
I want to enjoy life with all my senses. To touch, smell and see the beauty of the world, blooming with ideas and bursting with excitement.

I want to create memories, a whole poetry book full of emotions, to laugh along and beam with happiness, just like fragrance radiates from a flower.

In my floral wonderland I want every day to start off with a smile. A place where big new adventures, vibrant colors and beautiful smells await me!

I want to feel as lighthearted as a flower petal, floating softly in the breeze.
ROMANTICA fuels my passions and colors my senses!

The bottle comes in a pink butterfly like shapes with golden roses bouquet. The stopper is round, reminds me of a flower pistil that surprisingly heavy.


When first sprayed, the scent seems commonly familiar with its fruity pomegranate and mixed with floral scent from mandarin, bergamot to rose osmanthus and jasmine, wait a bit and the arrays of  orange blossom, water lily and peony. In the end, they'll settle with amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and settle with musk.

The layers are unique and playful at the same time, romantic, colorful and fun. It's really like love and many sides of love. Sometime they are feisty, sometime they sparks like fireworks, sometime they bloom, sometime they become soft and like fruit, smell fresh and reminds us of live itself, and they'll coming to the ground with a touch of light woods and precious material like amber, it took time to understand the perfume, but in the end, they worth it. They'll fill a certain area in our mind that is colorful but dominated by pink, a memorable scent which is familiar and unique at the same time.


As usual, Anna Sui team decorated the whole room and event with flowers. Roses is the main attraction, comes in many colors and sizes.

Soon the event begin with an introduction, welcoming the guests, sharing the TVC for Romantica and ended with a sweet gesture to enjoy the beauty of everything in there.


Thank you so much Anna Sui Indonesia.


Hope to see you again soon for another memorable event and products.

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