Monday, October 12, 2015

Oya Clinic Body Shaping

Hi everyone!!

I'm back with Oya Clinic PIK and this time, I'm trying their body shaping treatment, it is similar with the one at Menteng branch but slightly different in terms of methods and machine too.


As usual, I've changed into their bathrobe and using a disposable panty and bra. Both are comfortable but the room seems different. In fact everything is different here at PIK. Much more simpler and minimum. Those who are a customer at Menteng would probably doesn't feel at home. Nevertheless, the service offer is still very good and comfortable.


Do check out my instagram account @carnellin as I've shared few videos when I was in the treatment. So you can see my experience during.

The body shaping starts with a treatment that break fats and help firming the body too by toning it up. Creams by Oya Clinic are applied at these plates like which is connected to the machine, do read my previous review: HERE
as it is similar.

Feels like I've been electrocuted...mildly.

Then the 'ironing heat; which we really need to be careful as when it is touching the body parts that doesn't contain fats, it will be pretty painful as the heat feels like burning hot. Make sure that you communicate well with the therapist.


The whole treatment is around 2 hours and there's no TV here -__- I hope they soon put a TV there heehee.


And soon after, the treatment is done, I lost around 7 cm, hooray!! No wonder these kind of treatments become a big hit, they help people loose inches in 1-2 hours and like in Oya Clinic, the cream used helps the body to keep losing weight until 3 days after the treatment day.

Thank you so much Oya Clinic!!

Interested in trying their treatment?

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