Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel

Hi everyone,

since The Face Shop launches their Aloe Gel, seems like my family has been a huge fan for their jelly like texture and cool sensation once applied.

Now, this is Damyang Bamboo, something that is similar to the aloe gel yet different, or is it?!


Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel

RM 23.90

  • A soothing gel with moisture infused gel-type texture that gives a moisture massage to skin with cooling, soothing effects
  • A design that looks like freshly cut bamboo infused with bamboo water
  • A multi-use soothing gel that can be used on the face and body
 Main Ingredients
  • Contains 99% Damyang bamboo extract
        Highly concentrated bamboo extract charges skin with moisture, maintaining skin hydration, increasing elasticity and preventing skin from becoming rough and dry
  • Contains hyaluronic acid that creates a moisture barrier
        Excellent moisture retention for effective long lasting hydration


And the texture is so fun and addictive :D I just love to play around with the gel, oh we all do. It's cold (especially when stored in the refrigerator), give the skin that instant hydration that even they don't last long like other lotion and creams that contains oils, but the fresh gel feeling is still alluring and irresistible. If there's a pool with these gels in it, I'll definitely get a dip, a full body mask ^__^


What does it do?

On our skin, it acts like a light hydrating gel that's both cooling and non sticky. The formula leaves the skin soft and smooth but for those with dry skin, after the gel, add a lotion or a cream and those combination will easily absorbed by the skin. So the gel can act as a softener/toner for the skin as well.

We are also using the gels as after sun care, for the ends of the hair, on the skin all over the face and body when in need of instant cool hydrating gel, after insect bites, minor cuts and burns (minor okay) and many more.

In the makeup world, this gel can act as a hydrating makeup base, followed with a foundation or mixed with liquid/cream makeup for that lighter base.

Overall, recommend to be used, most definitely, plus they smell freshly green good.

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