Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rene Furterer Complexe 5

Hello everyone,

for me, this is the product that breath Rene Furterer, this is the iconic item, the one which I can clearly says, the hearth of rene Furterer.

I feel in love with Rene Furterer around 15 years ago and Complexe 5 is one of the item that I continually purchase and use over the years.


An elixir for beautiful hair

Combining effectiveness, sensory stimulation and natural products, the COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract is the essential treatment for your hair's health and beauty. A true hair beauty elixir, COMPLEXE 5 tones and fortifies your scalp from the roots. All your senses will be awakened: a subtle golden color, a precious texture rich in essential oils, a refreshing and soothing fragrance. An intense moment of pleasure that you can continue with a relaxing massage.

Take advantage of the COMPLEXE 5 application to give yourself a massage. It will soothe and relax you, as well as provide genuine toning and stimulation for your hair. With your elbows on a table and your head tilted forward between your hands, slowly massage your scalp (as if you were going to lift it) using circular motions from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head. Breathe in deeply and close your eyes. Banish any tension, with both hands flat against your scalp.

Don't forget to brush: the essential step for beautifying your hair. It eliminates dirt and loose hair and restores volume. Every day, and always before applying a mask, brush your hair from the nape of your neck towards the front, with a brush in each hand and your head tilted forward. Continue along the sides, towards the crown, from the front to the nape of your neck.

COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract acts like a fertilizer for your scalp. Consider using it regularly to accelerate hair growth.


Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment. What is a pre shampoo treatment and how to use it?

On dry and dirty hair, apply Complexe 5 at the roots of your hair aka scalp. The tip is narrow, it help the product to be delivered in small amount one at a time and directly to the scalp. Divide the hair in sections and gently apply the product directly from the tip.

Massage the scalp in small circular motion after the oils has been applied on the scalp, slowly but sure, the scalp will feel a tingling sensation, leave it for 5-10 minutes and the oils will keep on working, making the scalp awake and feels more alive than before.

The micro-circulation will keep on working so we need to shampoo the hair after maximum of 10 minutes.


Continued by shampooing with products from Rene Furterer. Why? Other brands may contain silicone. Imagine that your scalp is already opening the scalp and you don't want any of them to pores to be clogged by silicone, it will prevent the hair growth.

There are many shampoo from Rene Furterer you could try. From those with oily scalp, dry, sensitive, to other condition such as dandruff, colored and so on.


Astera is the range for dry and sensitive scalp. Below, is Lissea for colored hair.


Don't forget to condition the hair after cleansing the hair with the shampoo. From masks to conditioners also comes in many variations from Rene Furterer.


The scalp will feel clean, invigorated, and truly back to life. Add some serums that help hair growth and for me, since I need some on the mid part of my head, I do pay more attention there.



A wonderful oils that contain orange and lavender oils, they help to stimulate the scalp that accelerate hair growth. When used regularly, the product helps preventing the scalp from 'sleeping' and helping the hair grow even better and stronger. The amazing aroma is just wonderful and made feel assured of the natural content.

Complexe 5 when used together with other products from Rene Furterer will give the scalp and hair an optimum benefit.

The scalp may feel sensations from tingling to a bit like warm and heat, if you have a sensitive scalp please refrain from using Complexe 5 and try Astera, it will help soothe and cool the scalp. Astera is also a pre shampoo product which I hope to review also someday.


So, if you have a normal, dry (but not sensitive) and oily scalp, Complexe 5 is the one for you. As far as I know, pre shampoo itself comes in many variation and has been used in many countries and generations. Some for the hair (like coconut oils, shea butter, argan oils) and only a few made for the scalp since Rene Furterer believes that a beautiful hair start from the scalp. Nevertheless, when using Complexe 5 on the scalp, you can also use other products for the hair, like masks, olive oils and so on, but made sure they don't touch the scalp.

Thank you so much Rene Furterer for the wonderful product(s)!!

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