Monday, October 12, 2015

Clinique antiperspirant deodorant roll-on

Hello everyone!!!

this is a deodorant from Clinique.

Yes, Clinique is famous for their skincare and their recently high pigmented lippies and blush on, but now I want to talk about their hidden best sellers which actually deodorant. 

Whattt??!!! Yes, one of Clinique's best seller is their deodorant. I was in the middle of looking at Clinique's best seller and a lot of them is actually sold outs (seriously, what happen with the stocks) and do you know that men's section also sold outs most of the time?!

Anyway, so I saw the deodorant and the staff told me that it was really good, I thought sure, she works there, still I bring one home.


High-performance non-staining formula. Provides all-day protection from wetness and odour caused by perspiration. Rolls on easily, dries quickly.
  • Apply to underarms daily and after showering.
  • Allow to dry before dressing.

The packaging is simple and like any roll on deodorant, comes in Clinique signature color and design, minimalist, like very minimalist, and that's it.

When I opened it, there's this cloudy roller ( again, like any other roll on deodorant) have no scent whatsoever but when applied and the liquid rolled over, I smelled something like plain yogurt and I'm not a big fan of the smell, but I'm looking forward for the effects, as no smell whatsoever.

So, after showering and making sure the area is cleaned and dry, I apply the deodorant, the liquid feels comfortable on the skin, the smell is a bit yucky, and it does dry pretty fast.

I put on my clothes and continue with my activities.

The armpit remains dry and there's no stinky armpit all day long. I didn't use it twice a day, more like once a day and it works for 24 hours. I haven't exercise or do something hard core using the deodorant so I guess for me it's a deodorant suitable for daily activity, however, I still think that it's a pretty good deodorant and so far beats a lot of deodorant out there.



The ability to make my armpit smell like nothing. A lot of deodorant in the market that smells good and perfumey at first and then turn into this horrible scent.
Make the armpit dry without irritation. Again, a lot of deodorant out there do dries up but irritating the skin at the same time for being too dry.

The yucky no-scent-smell of the liquid. I think they should add a bit or a hint of perfume.

Still, a great product, if it works on me, it probably works for you too, I do sweat a lot >.<

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