Monday, October 19, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites Moisturizer & Radiance Booster

Hello lovelies,

this is Meteorites Moisturizer & Radiance Booster. A moisturizer from Guerlain that comes within the Meteorites series. Imagine the Meteorites Pearlites powder, that comes in a moisturizer formula, for that pearly radiant glow on the skin that filled with love from shades of pearls, beautiful. I want to be in that world for sure!


Details are written on the packaging, pamphlet and a bit on the pump bottle. Pamphlet and the box itself is suffice, everything you need to know about the product is written there clearly, and as usual, it's the ingredients that you want to check and the product itself that you want to touch and feel on your skin.


Thanks to Météorites Oxygen Care, the skin is smoother, even-toned and more beautiful. It is instantly revived, for radiance that lasts all day. Day after day, its radiance is renewed at the source.

Météorites has been the expert in illuminating make-up since 1987 thanks to a unique alchemy that brings together technology and pure magic. Today it is extending its expertise to skincare.

This fluid cream hydrates the skin to immediately renew its natural light from the inside out, for long-lasting results. The formula's complex is O2 Light, which helps encourage the skin's natural light receptors. A light-reflecting polymer blurs surface imperfections for a visibly more radiant complexion.


Do click on any image to see them in larger view, especially the ones with tons of small words 0__o


This is the product, a white slightly creamy gel that smells so good. It's the signature violet that blooms beautifully. At first it was a simple white, when blended the colors are more similar to the pearlites, pinks, violet, blue, green and other colors of the rainbow are coming through.


Then they cover the skin with watery moisture fluid that deliver gorgeous radiant touch on the skin. Again, the aroma is just wonderful. I can't seem to get over it, the violet is subtle, yet fragrant and comforting me in a way that made me feel like I'm in the middle of a flower garden, tranquility.


My skin completely enjoying the hydration, the moisture that blends well on the skin and leaves that traces of radiance booster, they are happy and my skin gets that healthy luxurious glow, like they just been pampered lately. It's a sensation that I want to feel everyday.

Don't forget about the 'oxygen boost' that help the cells breathe, revived, achieve that lovely rosy radiance.

Meteorites Oxygen Care acts on hydration and on the skin's surface thanks to a texture enriched in moisturizing glycols and a combination of polymers and silica spheres for smooth skin and refined pores.

The product can be used with any other brand of products I have and use it on top of everything in the skincare line. So after toner, serum and perhaps emulsion and then this Moisturizer & Radiance Booster.

Then, if needed, continue with sun protection (during the day) and makeup. The moisturizer will help the skin to get that "always fresh" look, thanks to the pearly lights.


Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia.

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