Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Beauty Barn Heal Good

Hello everyone,

this is another product from Beauty Barn Indonesia called Heal Good.

I've been using the oils for a few weeks now and it's not just me, the product can be used for anyone above 12 months.


Heal Good is a healing mix contain Lavender, Tea Tree, Chamomile and Myrrh.
Can be used for treating insect bites, cuts, and even open wounds.


And guess what I've been using them as? A help for my kids during chickenpox.

Both of mine just had chickenpox and for sure it is not fun. The liquid may burst anytime and infection can easily occur if we don't keep the area (whole area) clean. So taking a bath twice a day is more than just a refreshing idea, it's a necessity.

By adding a few drops of Heal Good on their bathing water add aromatherapy for the nose and mind, as well as helps the skin to heal faster and better. I can happily say, they went through chickenpox without further infection.


What else can Heal Good do, hmm, private part. What?! Yes, Heal Good can also be good for our private part, drop 1-2 to ladies underwear and help 'detoxing' the area from germs. Heal Good can also be used on a warm water and rinse the private part when needed (like during menstruation and vaginal discharge).

The area not just smells good but feels clean too. Unlike those 'soaps' sold on the market that contains detergent, perfume, and other irritant that will hurt your private part in the short and long term, Heal Good provide a solution that offers natural benefits that comes from natural ingredients with efficacy and effectiveness that we want.


Thank you so much Beauty Barn Indonesia for Heal Good, it's wonderful and made for everyone from 12 months too, smells good, works really well and without side effects like chemicals do.

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