Friday, December 2, 2016

Neutrogena deep clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Hello lovelies,

lately I've been using a lot of cleansing oils, since it was part of my daily routine inside the shower room, from dirty and dry skin to the cleanliness that removes everything including tough makeup, cleansing oil seems like a must as it was a habit and I also enjoy the fresh clean feeling since it involves water.

A lot of people use a foaming facial wash after cleansing oil since they dislike the 'oily' feeling afterwards, it's ambiguity of the sensation, doesn't really means that it was oily, but there's this filmy leftovers that made the skin silky like.

Cleansing oils are infused with skincare ingredients (in most high end brands), so it was made to care for the skin as not just cleaning it. So there's no urgency to use foaming facial wash after cleansing oil. However, it was a personal option.


There's not much of information I can get online, seems like this is not their new product (for sure), they already have cleansing oil to foam (which will be reviewed on my upcoming posts too), so the details are mostly on the images where the product is.


First, let's open the plastic and the cucumber sticker. Definitely, there's a connection between the cucumber and the product, and the answer is it's said to be one of the ingredient, and the smell of the product is definitely cucumber too, hydrating fresh cucumber.


As usual, I do some swatches of my favorite waterproof makeups from mascara, lippies, eyeliners and so on.

Let them sit for a while and sets real good before Neutrogena could do some action on them.


And then, after an appropriate amount of time, I apply some of the oils on the swatches. Let them play for a bit before I massage them a bit and splash some water to emulsify.


There's a very tough lippies and they are not letting go on the first round. A tips for me, use a cleansing cloth (dry and clean), put some cleansing oil on the cleansing cloth and gently rub the skin with the oiled clothed. All of the makeup will be gone. This is suitable when using very waterproof makeup.

When used on areas such as eyes, do close it real tight so the oils wont get into the eyes. There will be a cloudiness when opened afterwards after emulsifying and rinsing.


But the result is definitely worth, it's so clean and comfortable too. Fresh, hydrating as it doesn't made my skin dry, and no leftovers no residue. I don't need a double cleanser when using Neutrogena deep clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil.


Now, my clean skin is ready for some skincare.

Another tips: do massage the skin, lashes, lips, with the oils longer than 2 minutes. It gives the oils enough time to clean everything, including all the sebums in the pores.

Also available in other variants for different skin type.

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