Thursday, December 29, 2016

Koji Eye Talk

Hello lovelies,

this is Eye Talk, a product from Koji.

It's a glue made for the eyelids, ehm, monolid, so they'll have more to their lids (what am I saying?!).

Let's say you're finally putting on eyeshadow to the perfection, eyeliner that winged like angels, but they all disappear the moment those eyes are opened since the lids are covering everything, this is when these kinds of stuff used, there are stickers too and some even go with surgeries to have those lids made permanently, as for me, for now, I choose this kinds of products.


A liquid product for beautifully natural eyelid folds.
Simply paint onto the eyelid then use the special EYETALK pusher to push the eyelid up onto itself, creating a picture perfect eyelid fold in seconds!
The liquid turns from white to clear, making this a great choice for first-time users too

●Natural looking eyelid folds
So natural that the only thing people will notice is how great your eyes look.
The fold can be created wherever you like, so you can place it where it best suits your eyes―the perfect solution for naturally very deep set eyelid folds too

●Long-lasting hold
Outstanding adhesion means that your eyelid folds will stay firmly in place for hours.

●Convenient two-way pusher
Use the Y-shaped end to create the initial fold in your eyelid, and the pointed end to correct and tidy.
The pusher comes with a handy ring which attaches to the bottle, so you‘ll never need to root around your make-up bag to find it.

●Easy to remove
EYETALK is simple to remove too; just wipe off with a moistened cotton wool ball or tissue.

●Gentle on the skin
Moisturising ingredient
Contains botanical ceramides.
Firming ingredient
rose extract


This is what's the product looks like, and there's applicator plus a sharp thingy that helps making sure the glue sticks on the right places.

The glue is as seen on the image below, white and they also have one that clear (other variant) but no worries, this white glue will turn into clear ones when dry.


The below image is me with my monolids. Can't anyone see that I'm wearing eye shadow and eyeliners? Guess not.


So, first thing first, try figure it out where would I like the lids to be and where to put the glue on.


Put the glue on using the applicator brush. The glue has minimal gluey scent and feels like... a glue. Paper white glue.


Put it on the lids, like an oval shape, following the lids.

And wait until they are slightly dry or turns clear, this is a bit tough since the eyes is closed, so my first tips would be use one by one and not both at the same time.


And then, pressed it again using the tool and the other one too, my second tips is not moving the thingy side by side, but let it press gently until it is set. If you're keep moving it, like glue has a tendency to dry and easily peeled off, this one does the same, it will peeled.


And here's the result.

It's not as dramatic as I want it too, but there's result and visible effects.

The glue sticks well and the result does last pretty long, as long as there's no wiping involved or they'll removed easily.


So there you go, a white glue for the lids to create eyelids. You think you've seen everything from a Japanese product, right?! Think again, there's more of 'funny' and intriguing products not to be missed.


Thank you for reading my post.

See you again soon!!

And Happy New Year too. Have a great time as well.

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