Monday, December 5, 2016

Sabai Arom Zesty Star Gooseberry

Hello lovelies,

hubby got back a few days ago from Thailand and we are both a fan of Sabai -arom. It is a toiletries brand from Thailand that promote local natural ingredients.

Now, after around 2 years, they are expanding with stores spread all over Thailand with more added variants as well. Zesty Star Gooseberry is one of them.

The set consist of few items such as body oil, body wash and mine as in body cream and body lotion.


Zesty Star Gooseberry is so fresh and zesty and unique at the same time. We love how they use their local produce in their ingredients. I can feel the ambiance of Thai market, the citrus scent and the cheerfulness of the aroma.


The products is filled with details like any other International brand. Information of benefit, how to use and ingredients are carefully listed.

The signature shade of the product is light green.


Formulated with benefits derived from star gooseberry, star fruit,emblica and passion fruit that contain high amount of vit c to naturally brighten and keep skin youthful. Scented with piquant berry punch inspired by star goose berry, a tiny Thai fruit that produced big zesty sensory beyond its size.
Vitamin c filled star gooseberry, star fruit,emblica and passion fruit are highly popular with Thai women – both for their taste, and for their anti-aging properties. In Thailand, these super-sour fruit are highly popular. When fresh, we like to eat them with a chili & sugar dip; they can also be eaten pickled or dried. In order to share these mouth-watering treats with you we turned them into a skin-beneficial, piquant berry punch. Try it, and let us know if it deserves a thumbs-up!

A piquantly sour fruit punch of Thai lime and tamarind that emphasizes the zest of this star-like fruit. The eye-wide-open sensorial delight.


The lotion has a pleasant light a bit runny texture. It smells so good. Fresh is understated, it's zesty fresh. And indeed, it is somehow mouthwatering.

The lotion is light, which means that it is also gives the skin a light moisturizing effect, compared to the body cream.


To those who prefer a soft and light touch of moisturizing effect should choose the lotion, and those who have dry skin can use body cream instead where it will give the skin a more pampering effect, which is also a bit more slippery and silky. The lotion absorbed almost instantly where the body cream stays on the skin longer, so when you touch things it will become a bit filmy.


This mouthwatering-sour body cream combines natural vitamin c-filled star gooseberry, star fruit, emblica and passion fruit to brighten your skin and scented with the piquant-sour that you will say “It’s s the zestiest thing I ever knew!”

Asian women are renowned for their youthful appearance, especially their smooth, soft, and supple skin – gained, partly, from their native diets. We, Thai women, love snacking on certain sour fruit such as Star Gooseberry, Starfruit, Emblica and Passion Fruit for our health and beauty benefits. Apart from having a refreshing effect on our systems, all these fruits contain extremely high amounts of natural Vitamin C, which is known for their antioxidant/anti-aging properties. Try this rich, skin nutritious, piquant berry cream for a notable difference.

So, take your pick, either the lotion or the body cream, they are both so fresh, juicy and zesty to the max, and it somehow, transfer you back to the tropical Thailand.

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