Monday, December 19, 2016

Neutrogen deep clean hydrating Cleansing oil to foam

Hello lovelies,

especially you makeup addicts, who have to wear makeup on daily basis because you simply love makeup.

As many makeup are made to be waterproof nowadays, cleansing oil has been one particular product that just got to be available in my bathroom, it just has to be there.

Since I'm using it on daily basis, I began to search for more products that speaks cleansing oil as it cleans without fail. One brand caught my attention with their product, it's Neutrogena.


Like any cleansing oil, use some on a dry 'dirty' skin filled with makeup, gently spread and massage the skin with the 'oil' like texture.

The product will be apart from the skin almost immediately.


Add a bit of water, and this is where the magic happen. Unlike most cleansing oil that turns milky, it turns into foam like cleansing foam.


Massage the skin with the cleansing foam just like when done with the cleansing oil and rinse everything off. The skin will become clean and not at all slippery like using cleansing oil, it will be like after using a cleansing foam. Clean but not drying, that's one of the best part of the product as well, it doesn't make my skin squeaky dry like a floor.


This is the perfect product for those who are looking for a clean skin from makeup like cleansing oil and the fresh liberating sensation from foaming facial wash. Either way, it is a win win situation.

But I do still recommend you to use a eye and lip makeup remover for a super waterproof product that usually made for the eyes and lips. Plus their formula are made for those sensitive areas as well.


The product is available in three variant, mine is hydrating, there's brightening (in pink) and fresh for oily skin (in blue).

I got mine from hubby's recent trip to Singapore and I don't think it's available here in Indonesia.


Thanks for reading my post.

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