Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry, Coconut & Shea Butter, and Mango Shower

Hello everyone,

for sure, you'll always find more than 5 soaps in my bathroom. I love using one for each day on a week. So when my mood is a bit off, I went to the citrus or fruity notes to perks me up, when I'm mellow, I'm using scents that are musk, vanilla or calming like coconut.


Original Source now come in more variants for the whole family.

Still embracing the whole concept of using real ingredients and stated everything on their packaging, these three variant are filled with juices from the key ingredients listed on the pouch or tube.

Let's just say, the propaganda on the packaging does sells.


We've specially selected 6 natural & fruit oils for our 100% Natural Fragrance Mango shower gel. This is one lusciously juicy shower you won't want to step out of.

Coconut and Shea Butter:
We've waited 7,872 tropical hours for our coconut to ripen and mixed it with shea butter before pouring it into this recyclable bottle. This moisturising shower stuff will give you a hint of tropical paradise anytime you like.

Vanilla & Raspberry:

We've waited 82 British sunrises for these raspberries to ripen before we squeezed them with vanilla into this recyclable bottle. This moisturising shower will leave your skin soft and smelling sweet.


Very impressive, right?! Like they are actually have those details written on their production. And they have this gooey gel like texture but lathers easily and it can also be used as a bubble bath. At least, that's what my kids are doing all these times. They really like the fruity and sweet notes, they are fresh, delicious and yummy. It's like showering or bathing with cupcakes and ice creams.

The skin feels soft, comfortable and we would like to keep on using them for sure.  

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