Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brush Best Friends

Hello lovelies,

lately, cleaning my brush and sponges has become easy and easier thanks to The Soap Corner. Their formula is like magic, it cleans and leave them so soft and smooth. Nobody like run out bristles, the dryness from using 'cheap' or perhaps detergent to clean our makeup tools often made them so dry and in the end, completely ruins the strands.

Imagine having high quality brushes but they become so rough due to the maintenance, hence, a good brush cleanser is needed.


The Soap Corner also have cleanser in bar, it is useful for traveling, especially when liquid is limited. Or perhaps, to avoid spilling.

Just use as any bar soap, lather it with water and use the lather to clean sponge and brushes. They works great too, bar or liquid, and they smells the same, as for sure, they are using the same basic ingredients.

Lately, my daughter love to use makeup and she using it all over the body, I'm using these cleanser to cleans her skin, it works really well and doesn't irritate her delicate skin.


The Soap Corner also sells brushegg, it helps cleaning too. Just let the head of the brush 'plays' on the lines and dots, the formula of Brush Best Friends and the surface of brushegg helps the bristle to get clean faster and better. It's like there's getting a comb, where each of the strands exposed to the lines or dots, the makeups are taken from the bristles.


Thank you so much The Soap Corner.

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