Friday, December 2, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Excellence #DiscoverYourColor

Hello everyone!!

L'Oreal Paris once again invited us to discover the color with their new microsite where anyone could upload their image, get their skin tone checked and then the program will help determine which shades suits best.

There will be options to choose from and you could be as bold as you want to.


Last year, L'Oreal Paris Excellence Brand Ambassador has changed her hair color with the challenge given, now, Dian Sastrowardoyo claims that she finds it irresistible to continually changed her hair color to even on some point, once a month. Using only L'Oreal Paris Excellence and weekly hair care like hair mask, her hair remains healthy and doesn't look damaged.


As someone who enjoys changing hair color on trimonthly basis, I do know quite a lot about DIY hair color at home. Many brands, shades and texture I've tried. And yes, L'Oreal Paris Excellence is definitely one of the best brand there is. They've done their research and understood that, it's not just about getting the hair colored, but the treatments, essences and every little details needed in the process. Like gloves, pre-color care, after color care, the product itself and so on.

It was among the most 'complete' set there is, in the market.


If you're interested,go to
don't forget to have some fun there!

Going home, all of us are getting a package from L'Oreal. I picked the lightest shade there is 6.45. So the higher the number, the lighter the shade is, so if there's 4.45 and 6.45, 6.45 is the lightest shade compared to 4.45, which means 4.45 is closer to our natural hair color (dark brown or black) compared to 6.45.

Of course, the result vary from virgin to processed hair as well. Mine is considered (over) processed, hence, light shades could easily 'infused' into my hair than those who haven't dyed their hair before.

Gradually, if continued to be colored with the same shade, the hair will 'increase' it's acceptability to the color. In the same time, care is becoming more and more important, hence intense mask, daily hair care made for color hair, and even monthly basis in the professional salon.


Thank you so much L'Oreal Paris Excellence for having me at the event, I'll share my new hair color within 1-2 months since I just dyed by hair before the event.


See you again soon!!

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