Thursday, December 22, 2016

Covermark Night Aqua Last

Hello lovelies,

this is Covermark Night Aqua Last.


An advanced formulated gel-textured overnight treatment that works at night to repair and recover skin's damages for silky-smooth texture by morning.

  1. Boosts the skin's ability to maintain and retain moisture and supports the appearance of radiant skin.
  2. The formula contains natural plant extracts to lift and add life to dry and dull skin.
  3. A luxurious night gel creates a hydrating veil to intensely protect skin from dryness throughout the night.
  4. Fragrance and colourant-free.

How to use

Use at the end of your daily night care regimen. Taking around 0.5 grams with spatula onto your hands, apply to entire face.


Night Aqua Last comes in a cute pot with mint color. The details are written in gold and comes with a spatula.

Details on ingredients and how to use is written on the box, the product itself is pretty simple in instruction, it's kinda like a sleeping mask.


At night time, clean the skin like usual and use any skincare routine you normally do, from toning serum to even moisturizer. You may or many not skip the moisturizer is up to you, Night Aqua Last is a hydration booster, hence it can be used with any other  product, the key essence of using the lovely yellowish gel is promote moist and hydrated skin.

It has a mild natural scent, and the gel texture is gooey and a bit slimy. It melts on the skin like liquid jelly and easily spread on the skin to become transparent and there's this radiant glow instantly on the skin.

It is a bit sticky at first but after around 10-15 minutes the surface of the skin like being covered in a thin gel film that keep the skin moist all night long. Waking up, the skin will look dewy, supple and very comfortable. This is the perfect sleeping mask for all skin type, including oily as it helps to retain moisture, so the skin doesn't have to over-produce the oils on the skin for being dehydrated.

Love it so much, I'm using it every night and my skin looks better and better each morning.


Thank you so much Covermark Indonesia.

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