Friday, December 30, 2016

Lui Switzerland Day Cream SPF 30 and Night Cream

Hello lovelies,

 a few weeks ago, Lui Switzerland send me some goodies wrapped in a beautiful rustic packaging.


There's day cream and night cream inside.

This is my first time trying products from lui Switzerland, in fact, this is my time hearing about the brand too.

Let's read more about them

True love finds their beauty in a magical way. Just like our romantic journey who found true love as a beautiful feeling. Inspired by the freshness of Switzerland’s nature we were initiating Lüi as a new revolutionary skincare. And like true love that touches your heart, Lüi represents a new concept of skincare that is suitable for all skin types. Lüi gives your skin a feeling of  luxury by the advanced technology in a complete way. With commitment to uncompromising quality, Lüi shares the utmost romantic experience with wonderful ageless and beautiful skin. It’s for men and women.
We care about our Customers
We are committed and passionate in providing each of our valued customers excellent skincare products and services.
We care for the Environment
We care on making differences on the environment for our future generations. Our value in keeping the nature balanced is an appreciation for beauty in general. Our approach to use natural ingredients is a real step for environmentally friendly products.


Swiss Made
Our products are 100% made in Switzerland. Switzerland is well known for the traditional values of naturalness, innovation, sophistication, reliability, passion and high end products.
High Quality
Uncompromising consistent quality as it is manufactured and packed in Switzerland while passing a chain of dermatological tests is guaranteed. Lüi is presenting outstanding products for those who believe in the importance of excellent skincare.
Inspired by Nature
The natural ingredients of Lüi add a healthy and glowing sensation to your skin. All our products are free of Parabens, Silicones and Sulphates.
All in one
The formulas are created to give all benefits in one product. Change your life to be simple and efficient.
All Skin Types
Lüi is formulated for all skin types with whitening that moisturizes and protects against aging signs like wrinkles, dark spots, and dark  circles under eyes with SPF 30 for the flawless look every time.
For Men and Women
The scientifically advanced skincare formula brings heavenly revitalizing effects to men and women.
Reasonable Price
Our sophisticated skincare line is providing a genuine ageless skin appearance at a reasonable price.


Day Cream

Our superior formula offers a non-oily and immediate absorbing moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30 that prevents skin aging. This perfect whitening day cream keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing. Our hygienic high-end packaging solution in the shape of an airless bottle prevents the formula from excessive exposure to air and increases product shelf life.

Night Cream

Feel the indulgence of our signature formulation which contains whitening and anti-aging skincare to regenerate your skin while you are sleeping. The essential stimulating ingredients enhance a skin turnover that reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Apply to your face and neck for a fresh, soft and revitalizing look.


Here they are, simple in pearly white with golden details. The product is  a creamy lotion, one with a whiter shade and the other is more to the beige. Guess which one is it?! The beige is actually the day cream (the one that contain sun protection) and the white one is night cream.


Both of them may look creamy here, but guess again, once blended on the skin they'll become velvety, to then soft and absorbed well on the skin without any greasy nor oily residue, and I just love the soft delicate floral aroma, like honeysuckle.

There's no irritation nor sensitivity occurs when using the product but for my dry skin, I think I needed more, I need creams that provide more hydrating power. Perhaps I need to use their serum too, I do not know, but for now I can honestly say, those with normal to oily skin will enjoy using this product as it contains no known harmful chemicals. Perfect for man and woman plus it has that lovely texture that feels good on the skin.

I still do use the products, but I add a hydrating serum and hydrating gel with them, and they work just fine. So I can perhaps says that they works well with products from other brands.



A great product that pays attention to the ingredients, origin and value for the customers. Comes in a packaging which I think is perfect for skincare, it's  a pump bottle that always assuring in terms of hygiene. The scent is lovely and gives the skin that soft luminous glow. Both Day Cream and Night Cream are a pleaser. The Day Cream contains SPF 30 that fits for day time user who meets the sun, or simply add a stronger SPF when exposed even more (like during outdoor sports).

The Night Cream also superb as it allows my skin to stay comfortable all night long (hydrating serums and gels is still added).


Thank you so much Lui Switzerland.

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