Monday, June 1, 2015

Kiehl's Indonesia Heritage Campaign

Hello everybody!!

Kiehl's Indonesia is having another campaign, this time it will be for Indonesian heritage, which is Borobudur.

Have you been to Borobudur? I remember my first trip there and  I think it was magnificent. Every details are made with care and the grandness of the architecture is worth to be preserved by UNESCO.

Collaborating with 4 celebrities, Kiehl's and UNESCO are going to help preserving Candi Borobudur.


For every purchase of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream, Lip Balm #1, Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate, Midnight Recovery Concentrate and/or Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner you'll get a specially designed notebook by one of the 4 celebrities and Kiehl's will donate Rp.10.000 on your behalf to Candi Borobudur.

Netizen can also participate by a simple click at start from the first of June 2015 until 1th of August 2015.

Kiehl's will gather all of our support and travel with Mabua Harley Davidson to UNESCO social institution at Yogyakarta.


The event is held at Kiehl's new boutique at Central Park Mall, but the campaign can be enjoyed at all Kiehl's stores.

Please do visit any Kiehl's store/boutique near you to see the products and campaign in person.


On the occasion, I can see all four designs from Ari Wibowo, Keenan Pearce, Prisia Nasution, and Lala Karmela.

Each of them made an illustration for the cover of a notebook. It may look simple but they do put their hearts into their design and hope it can help Kiehl's and UNESCO gather some awareness for us, Indonesian, to pay more attention to our cultural heritage.

Kiehl's itself has started Heritage Campaign so the people who lives in that particular country where Kiehl's lies could be more appreciative to their own heritage and understanding the history behind the heritage itself. This is, of course, be in accordance to UNESCO mission.


Ari Wibowo wants to emphasize the beauty of Candi Borobudur in the afternoon, where the sun shines in orange yellowish color and there's Javanese batik and the years of Candi Borobudur birth and rebirths.

Keenan Pierce, Unity in Diversity for Nusantara, a silhouette of Candi Borobudur with many other culture from all over Indonesia, showing how in our differences, we can still be one.

Prisia Nasution, writes in Honocoroko, a dying tradition, she wants to preserve them before it's too late, with Candi Borobudur and her Javanese heritage, she emphasize in preserving.

Lala Karmela started her story in reminding us on the dimension and history of Candi Borobudur itself. How it has become one of the seven wonder of the world and how it has gone through a lot over the years. Disasters and even tourists sometime contribute in ruining the artifact. It's time for us to help taking care of Candi Borobudur. With a girl on the cover and the Candi Borobudur, she emphasize on how human can live in harmony with Candi Borobudur.


It was really crowded that day, customers, medias and bloggers are gathering for this event, I hope we all can assist in making this campaign a huge success.


There's heritage tours presented during the event, most of them are taken by foreigners, I hope domestic tourist will become more aware and keep our heritage something that we can all benefits from for generations to come.


Inside the press kit given to us, there's also Galeri Komunitas or Community Gallery, which actually reminds me that when we help preserving Candi Borobudur, we also contribute in their livelihood. A lot of locals depends on tourism as well near Candi Borobudur, please do take a look when you have time to explore.

Usually, we are too preoccupied in going abroad and goo goo ga ga about other countries heritage that we forgot about our own, I guess, Kiehl's has remind us to look what we have here, right in our own land.


Thank you so much Kiehl's for having me and you for reading this post.


Do come to your favorite Kiehl's shop and while getting your favorites, you are contributing in donation as well. And for you at home, let's click and spread the words!

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