Monday, June 29, 2015

Shu Uemuera Laque Supreme

Hello lovelies!!!

Who loves shu uemura? All beauty enthusiast does >.< we love shu uemura and their colors, collection and varieties. Utterly cute and most of them has become the must have collections.

Their recent addition is Yazbukey and the products given during the event are Laque Supreme.


I happen to be given two Laque Supreme, one in RD 03 known as Flame Red (passionate) and RD 04 known as Shu Red (timeless beauty). 


laque supreme

make a statement high impact color - exquisite shine

inspired by the premium Japanese lacquerware, the new laque supreme combines highly intense color and brilliant shine to create a statement lip. express your unique character with 15 statement shades including the two special red shades developed for laque supreme.


premium japanese lacquerware

the deep and shiny luster of black or red color is the unique characteristics of urushi, Japanese lacquer. the term “urushi” is said to be delivered from the terms “uruwashii” and “uruosu”, which mean “beautiful”, “moist and luxurious” in
japanese. no other finish can match the deep hues and smoothness of the lacquer.

The product comes with a


shu red-dye complex

shu red-dye complex, a mixture of red dye and
red pigment added to provide deep color intensity.
it is added to all shades to achieve intense color.

innovative applicator
unique ergonomic shape fits the curve of lips for
thin and even application and provides precise contouring.


These are the swatches of the two shades.


RD 03 is red with a hint of orange and RD 04 is a pinkish red. On the first swipe it may be a bit faint, but the product is buildable and when the layers are full it form like a leathery film on the lips.


When cleaned, they'll leave a tinted reside on the skin. The RD 03 will appear more orange and the RD 04 more to the red.


It is amazing how they look similar yet so different.


Between above and the image below, I'm using the same product of RD 04, in the image above I'm using several swipe and it looks much more 'thicker' and fuller coverage too. In the below image, it's just one swipe, the result is a sheerer finish.


I really love the thin gel liquid formula, it felt ultra comfortable on the lips. It is light, not creamy at all, like a watery gel, and smooth too. The color is buildable like mentioned above and even when it's applied over and over, there's no thickness to the formula, just a more intense color that last. After wiping it off there will be tint left on the lips, so using the Laque Supreme will help the lips stays 'colored' all day long even after the formula wiped off.


This is the look with RD 03, the hint of orange made the look fresh. That just enough gloss create a subtle irresistible shine.

Thank you so much Shu Uemura for these wonderful products, definitely worth splurged on.

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