Thursday, June 18, 2015

STUDIOMAKEUP Brow Perfecting Kit

Hello lovelies,

this is STUDIOMAKEUP Brow Perfecting Kit. A handy tool consist of a tweezers, a small mirror, a wax, powder and a usable brushes in one. What I meant by usable is a real fully functional brush, unlike other brand that provide sponge or brushes in the container only meant to be thrown away >.< this one is a good quality two sided brush.


The complete kit to discipline and makeup your brows. Contains a colored wax, a pigmented finishing powder, a practical mirror, a double-ended brush and a pair of tweezers, all in an easy-to-carry compact. Because of the buildable and ultra-fine pigments, the result will be long-lasting, even sweat-resisting brows.

Application tips
With the tweezers, remove stray hair. Then, with the angled side of the brush, take the colored wax and start filling in your brows in small strokes. Take the rounded side of the brush and the finishing pigmented powder to set the wax and fill in any sparse areas. The wax will help the powder adhere even more, creating beautiful, flawless arches.


There's a mini instruction on how to use the product as well.

It's practically just one, two, three.

Inside you can see the wax is in deeper tone and the powder is lighter but as seen below, the powder becomes far more darker than the wax.


The ones with the fall out is the powder.

And below is how I'm using them.


I cleaned the area first, then, by using the tweezers given, plucking the unwanted hairs, which is not in the "area of perfection". The tweezers is very useful and in good quality too, not once it break the hair nor unable to pick them up, no matter how short the hair was. Bravo!

Then, using the angled brush, I swab some wax and draw the outer lines of the brow. The wax is like shown on the swatch, it's faint and not as dark as I hope for, or at least like presented.

Continued by filling in the middle part with the powder using the other side of the brush, since the brush is a 'wet brush', swipe the brush gently to the powder to reduce fall outs and apply it on the inside part of the brows to 'color' them in, gently and with outward direction (towards the end). And above is the result after finish using all the tools and product given.

But if you want a more refined finish, do use a brow brush and gently create that gradation, especially on the inner part of the brows (the one that above the nose bridge), so the ends are more dark and defined.

The formula does stay resistant and suitable for longwear but doesn't really stand a chance against my sweat, or is it because I'm too sweaty \>.</

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