Monday, June 1, 2015

My Beauty Rules

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Meanwhile, here's mine.


For me, beauty is an evolving ideas that wont and never stop on one thing. From the first makeup used by Egyptian, to enhance ones beauty to fit something that are agreeable by the society.

As we all know, society changes, people changes, makeup trends never last a decade and we all love to come up with something new and exciting. And here's a great news that comes with our original state of a never satisfied species, everything that you feel so trendy and hype at the moment, they too shall pass.

So? What are we supposed to do in terms of beauty and everything related to beauty?


Watch, observe, learn and best of all, look onto yourselves in the mirror and if you like what you see at that moment, then that's your beauty rule. If not, let's improve. Try new things, learn new techniques on makeup application or consult to those who really know you.


I always love skincare and maintaining a good skin condition since it is the base of any look we wants to come up with. I was once told that our skin is something that we 'wear' everyday, that's why it is has to be in the best condition all the time. It is not easy, but it can be done. At least, in their best condition most of the time.


My beauty rules start from a thoroughly clean skin using the correct products for the skin at that moment. There are some basic rules that I know regarding which product to be used. A dry skin is best cleaned with a foaming facial wash while oily skin are best to be cleaned with a cleansing oil. This is due to the origin of skin itself.

Double cleansing is needed when one using makeup, a sun protection is also taken as makeup, so do a proper cleansing when using a product that contain sunscreen. Pay attention on the details on each product before using it and how to use it properly.

Never go to bed with a dirty skin since it will blocked the pores and create problems in the future.

We all know the benefits of using skincare yet, there's so many products out there in the market. The key is to try before you buy. When testing, pay attention and observe your skin condition, is there any redness occur? Allergic reaction? Sensitivity? Or perhaps other discomfort such as burning sensation and unwanted side effects.

Beauty is never one size fits all, what's work best on your best friends or even your family, doesn't means that it will suits your needs.


Same goes with makeup, a cat eye may appear amazing on your friend's but probably doesn't suits your feature or you need to tweak a bit to get a result that you want. Nowadays makeup is liberating and I'm happy to say that, you can all be yourself.

Whether your eyebrows are thick and bushy, or thin, or shaped like they are just fresh from a salon, you decide. There's so many products and tools we can use, or go none, as you decide whats work best for you.

The thing is, a lot of people want to achieve a certain look yet doesn't know how to get there. With social medias and internet nowadays, you can simply google a certain type of look or tutorial for that matter. There's always someone who happen to have a similar condition and passion like you do. If not, why not make it your own.

I remember a friend of mine have a very sensitive skin none of the common products in the market matches her skin's condition, if there is, the price usually quite high. So she make her owns. It took her months learning on the ingredients, trial and error on the making and finally now she can enjoy skincare and toiletries that promote healthier skin. If she can uses them, everyone can.


We all heard, there's plenty of roads to Rome. So does makeup and beauty and perhaps everything else in life. I also know a women who rarely uses skincare and makeup but she eats only what's fresh, maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and always stays positive with a healthy mind, she looks gorgeous event without makeup on.


Perhaps, makeup should be treated only as a decorative factor, not as a coverage of our natural state but help emphasizing our true beauty. While beauty is different from place to place, so does from time to time, and it's sometime not related to beauty products. Like when someone laugh or smile, they appear more beautiful, or the way they act, showing kindness and passion to others, it is all beautiful. Because if it's something from the heart, it's a true beauty from within that no beauty products can ever be.


Beauty require respect, efforts, patience and most of all a kind heart.

When we are hand in hand with our conscience, the beauty from within will flows.

But there's nothing wrong is using beauty products or the urge to use cosmetics, a lot of people even seems to be happier and feels more like themselves when using makeup.


The pressure and urge to look our best is actually a good thing as well as it can help us to be better and present ourselves better in the society. It is not a secret that people would accept those who looks better in terms of appearance. Many beauty and personality classes nowadays so we can look our best. Who determine that we already look our best? I think, the answer is yourself.


I look my best when my skin is hydrated, radiant and doesn't have any discomforts. I look my best when I am healthy and in a peaceful condition with those surrounds me. I look my best when I'm happy with what I see in the mirror, even when it is different from day to day. One day I love my red lips when the next day is all about nudes.

I love my eyes to be as dark as nights when sometime spring also come and decorated them with colors of the flowers.


Beauty is what your heart wants you to portray and it is described well enough on what's on the outside. And that's my beauty rule.


What's yours?

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