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Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby

Hello everyone,

last Saturday, I went to an event invited by Mommies Daily for a Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby event with Kamillosan and Transpulmin.


In this event, Transpulmin and Kamillosan has prepared an array of talk shows, Q & A's and informative activities for the moms and families as well. Knowing that dads are also welcome with the babies too.

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Let's go back to the event shall we?!

Details on the event as followed:
"Happy Mommy, Healthy Baby!"
Sabtu, 30 Mei 2015 / 08.30 - 13.00
Hongkong Cafe Jakarta
Jalan Sunda No. 5, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat.

Dr. Elizabeth Yohmi & Psikolog Anak - Anna Surti Ariani

Materi Anna Surti Ariani:
Pentingnya meminimalkan stres selama kehamilan. Bahagia atau tidaknya ibu hamil dapat berdampak pada: Tumbuh kembang janin, lancar tidaknya ASI dan bentuk emosi si kecil saat dia sudah lahir hingga ia tumbuh dewasa kelak.

Materi Dr. Elizabeth Yohmi:
  • Pentingnya ASI baik bagi ibu maupun janin (Menciptakan bonding, memberikan gizi terbaik, menjadi kontrasepsi alami bagi ibu dsb)
  • Saat ASI lancar tidak menutup kemungkinan adanya problem menyusui (Puting payudara lecet dsb)
  • Tindakan yang perlu dilakukan agar menyusui lancar
As seen, it's really going to be a full packed event with wonderful information that any family with kids or soon to have kids can relate.


Arriving at the venue in a similar shades of the event heehee, I'm a happy mom indeed thanks to God and my lovely kids.

When I entered, Ms. Anna has started in sharing the life of a pregnant women and moms in general. How stressful it can become and how we as a family member can help, take part in helping nursing moms too.

She explains how patience, kindness, love, courage, and support may take parts in assuring a mom to be able to nurse their babies and provide exclusive breast milk since everything is related. By having their love and passion on the newborn, a hormone called Oxytocyn can be secreted and help the making of breast milk.


On the event she also shares about parenting and discipline. Every moms wants to give her best to her kids, including giving breast milk, this also could lead to a stressful mind where she pressurize herself. It is best to let nature takes it course, put tons of happy thoughts and never give up. 

Right after that, my favorite session comes up, Dr. Elizabeth turn where she shares the benefits of breast milk, how it is known as the best nourishment for a human baby, why it is also best for the moms and problems that can happen.


From assuring the correct position, making sure we're very comfortable (seating, environment, area), stress free or at least minimum stress mind, and how we should be 100% in that moment of breast feeding. Moms should be present with the baby not just physically but in mind and mentally too. She reminds us to tosh our cellphone, remote tv or anything, so we could be with the baby in all senses possible. Sing to the baby, hold her hands, touch and make eye contacts.

She also emphasize in knowing the right information, on how exclusive breast fed means 100% just breast milk with no added formula, water, tea, honey or anything. Medicine during illness and supplement such as vitamins are allowed when it is substantial.


We also need to understand the baby's behavior, by clenching their fists it means that they are hungry, don't wait until the baby is crying and fed her.

Here are some other facts shared during the event:
Normally, a baby need their milk between 2-3 hours. It is normal for a new born to drink so little since they tummy are still so small. The yellow milk that comes out at first is the one that newborns really need, it contain colostrum. Colostrum help the baby to fight infection and other problems in the future. Breast Milk contain enough protein, nutrition and contain the best ingredients for a smart and healthy baby. It is the best formula that non of milks sell in the market can compare. Moms need to eat balance and quality intake as well to produce best quality milk. There are hind milk and fore milk, they are different and baby should have both of the milk by making sure to fed them one breast at a time.


Soon, the mc take the stage for Q&A's session, there are so many questions by all the moms and mom to be here. I'm so happy to know that everyone is so keen to exclusively breast fed their babies. Babies should drink breast milk up to 20 years, 6 months exclusively, above 6 months with added food.


After the talk show and Q&A's session, all the moms looks very happy, I also notices the dads are keen to help their wives in giving their best to their kids. Nowadays, parenting is not just mom and the kids, dads has to remember that it takes two to tango. Children with both mom and dad plays part usually will develop better as a person, a human being in the society and for themselves.


Soon, the event has to end and we get to have a lunch at HongKong Cafe. The venue and event just went on smoothly, the only glitch is the poor air conditioning at HongKong Cafe, pregnant moms and kids are sweating inside. Still, we get to go home with a bunch of beneficial information thanks to Dr. Elizabeth and Ms. Anna, a Child Psychologist, Transpulmin and Kamillosan for making this event, and of course Mommies Daily too.


We are all going home with a package of reminders and product from Transpulmin and Kamillosan. A tube of Kamillosan that can be used to help the nipple to heal during nursing period, a diaper rash soother, and an ointment for a sensitive skin in need.

There's an inspirational post card as well as a note book filled with information for moms and moms to be.

Remember that it take efforts to breast fed a baby but it is all worth all of the efforts, and for moms, even if no one supports you, do try your best. Do not listen to those who discourages you, stays positive and let your love to your baby flows.


It may looks simple but inside they put tips, acknowledgements and ideas too, with fun and attractive illustration included.


Thank you so much for having me at the event and you for reading this post.

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