Friday, June 5, 2015

Bath and Body Works Aspen Caramel Woods Shower Gel and Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream

Hello lovelies,

who doesn't love bath time, any one will definitely do. From female to now male too, kids and grown ups, we love bath time. It's no longer about cleansing but so much more. It is an experience that takes us out of this world daily routine, which can be stressful, bored and far from excitement.


Bath time on the other hand can be easily spiced up, these products for example, it made them so much sweeter.

The thick and luscious texture from both. The caramel like texture and color from the shower gel that lathers on easily and produces sweet scented aroma that last for the whole bath time and 1-2 hours after shower.

Made the skin clean but keeping them moist enough until we put on lotion. So there's no overly dry experience, more like comfortable from beginning to the end.

The scent itself is just wonderful, it's not like a very sweet but more like uniquely sweet and aromatic at the same time.

Same goes with Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream. The white cream is wonderful and perfect for my dry skin. It doesn't give my skin a greasy and oily residue, more like velvety smooth feeling.


Of course, the warm vanilla sugar scent that feels sweet and so comfortable. It's the kind of vanilla that I really like. It's so good.

And the scent last almost all day long, as long as the moisturizing effect.

This is definitely my favorite scent ... for now haha! As I love to change according to my moods.


Hopefully Bath and Body Works Indonesia will soon bring out more of their products and the body cream too!

These babies are from @lumiere_corner (instagram)

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