Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Clozette Beauty Blogger Gathering with We Chat, WRP, and Silkygirl

Hello everyone!!!

I'm back with another exciting gathering with Clozette Indonesia. This time, they collaborate with We Chat, WRP, and Silkygirl.


Located at hot HongKong Cafe (thanks to the dying air conditioner), Clozette Ambassadors and members has gathered and we all excited about the event we're going to have, since Priskila Eirene is here to teach us how to make a simple video tutorial.


From the basic tool to free apps she recommend for any beginner to start with. She explained everything clearly and with ease.


Her tips includes:
Invest in a good tripod, always take a video in a panorama view, find a lovely background, if not, a plain white will do. Avoid making video in the bathroom. When possible use proper lighting and sun will always be a free and wonderful option.

Free apps you can use are Splice for Apple products and Viva Video for Android.


We also get a chance to make a short video during the event and she helps us understanding each process.


It is best to make a short video instead of a long one, a tutorial under 3 minutes gets more hits than the ones longer. Make short videos and then combine them into one. Edited them one by one to get that right period. Use audio or record your voice in the editing process. If needed use a microphone for a clearer voice.

Combined the videos all together to make one video. If you prefer to have music, always use the one that doesn't have copyright issue.

The next event is with WRP.

WRP are known as weight reduction program by dieting. They are not promoting self hunger but more to selective diet and counting calories. They support plans, products and nutritionist as well on their WRP centers.


Unfortunately, I wont be able to stay until the event is finished due to another project and a huge traffic jam.

Still, I'm going to participate in their challenge to make a video with Silkygirl, so please stay tune ^__^


Here are the products I received during the event.

Thank you We Chat.


WRP for the jelly drink. This apple jelly drink is actually my favorite item form WRP, it taste like a refreshing apple jelly and it provide fiber as well for the digestion system.

WRP also have cookies, drinks like coffee and other flavor to replace a meal.


Thank you so much for having me during the event and hope to see you all again real soon.

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